Why knowing your personal norm can help you keep tabs on your health

A woman stretching while wearing a smartwatch.

“According to my Fitbit, I’m probably going to die soon,” I informed my husband.

“Probably from stressing about those numbers,” was his not completely unreasonable response.

“Those numbers” were my resting heart rate (RHR), the number of times a heart beats in a minute while the body is at rest…

Some experts view ketamine as a tool to unravel the biological causes of depression and, perhaps someday, cure it

If you or someone you know need help, consider calling the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1–800–273-TALK (8255) for English, 1–888–628–9454 for Spanish.

“Some people say ketamine makes them feel like a marshmallow.”

That’s how the ketamine clinic’s therapist explained it to me through my computer screen during our initial…

How much does a memory weigh?

How it does breathe, yet.
How it does possess the skin.
Atoms of thought with a prominent pressure
that bang against the brain,
that dredge the soul’s reservoir,
that will,
that have no mortality,
that cannot be killed.

Ghosts living on the inside
and wafting…

Pictures and declarations of happiness,
the perpetual measuring stick
by which I rise and shine
and stare
at the perfect people
through my cyber window
as I writhe.

Thick coffee sloshes
around my stomach:
out groans the dissatisfied commentary.
There, there, stomach.
I sit with legs crossed,
head propped on hand.
I am “The Thinker” forced…

Earlier this week, I started to write an article about how all of us, especially women, need to be more audacious in our quest for success. This is not a novel theme. Countless books and articles replete with anecdotes relaying personal experiences have carved out substantial space on the internet…

Many scientists are familiar (or should be) with the tragedy surrounding Rosalind Franklin and her contribution to unraveling the double helical structure of DNA. In 1951 at King’s College London, Franklin was a research associate in the lab of John Randall. Another associate in the same lab, Maurice Wilkins, was…

Lauren Tanabe

I’m a writer in Detroit and former scientist. I have a sciencey PhD from Columbia University and two young kids. I like coffee, silence, and brains. ltanabe.com

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