L, I respect your answer as much as I respect your piece of writing.
Vance Wong

Hey Vance. Good Catch.

In my case I admit it. Self-conscious does creep in. But I think of it as a necessity. That’s why, I say that a pseudonym is a solution to self-censorship. Not self-consciousness. A pseudonym cannot and must not rid one of the type of self-consciousness I am talking about, a kind that is a necessary affliction. As the word suggests self-consciousness is being acutely conscious of yourself. It requires an inordinate degree of attentiveness, a high amount of self-analysis and maybe a sizeable dose of self-absorption. And I think writing does come from this sort of mixture. Any heartfelt kind that matters. At the same time while self-consciousness is something a writer cannot go without, it is also something writing should go without. My challenge lies in finding that balance. I revel and despair in my self-consciousness.

Ps. Glad you liked the writing! :)

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