The U.S. has Gone F&*%ing Mad
James Allworth

Disappointed: This Could Have Been Good - Without the Liberal Agenda.

Neither property item is an issue. It’s their use that’s the issue. The issue is the people, and the people using them alone. In re: terrorism and violent acts. Period. I’ve noticed liberals simply can’t accept these facts about self-determination, and with it, self responsibility. This is a distinct difference between liberals and libertarians that is constantly overlooked today. I am a libertarian. I do have some traditionally liberal holdings. Unlike the majority of liberals, I am not a fool.

For example, based on my training and knowledge, I can’t help but laugh any time I see a sign posted on a business or building that says “no weapons allowed….” Why? Because even unarmed I am far more capable and dangerous than a very large segment of society. In any country. Am I therefore banned? The liberal thought process would in essence, if I were to choose to visit harm on another, be quite accommodating to me. I now know where to target unarmed people. People who statistically don’t stand a chance against me. Unless they are armed. And know how to use those arms.

And I’m one of the “good” guys. Now, if I take up any implement nearby, or even use my bare hands and knowledge to beat up, maim, or kill several people, am I at fault, or is it the entity that forbade my victims their best chance to defend themselves? Or, as the liberal argument typically goes, is it the spoon, pencil, or even piece of paper that I used as a weapon at fault? I assure you, these weapons are every bit as deadly as a firearm, much more available, always near at hand, and 99% of society would never see that attack before such an attack landed. These items would also go thru any modern security screening process for civilians. These are only for example, and by no means a comprehensive list of easily converted or impromptu weaponry. I’ve even joked with law enforcement or security before about such signs and whether they prohibit people themselves from entering. Their confused reactions were hilarious. Only some were alarmed when I explain it to them. I never share my full experience with them.

Stop trying to disarm America. You addressed the technological issues well enough and I will agree with you on those, well said. You didn’t need to show your insane thoughts on weapons to do make that point. And as to weapons, you are wrong. Very, very wrong. The problem is not enough people who know how to protect themselves and those around them, or willing to stand up and protect themselves or others when such heroism is required. It shouldn’t even be considered heroic when someone does protect another or stop such a situation. It should be an every day normal occurrence.

When the American public at large at last realizes they needed weapons to protect themselves against the American government, it will be too late. It won’t be the military alone the government uses. It will begin with its militarized police forces and call in the military as a backup if civil unreast continues. Russia won’t be, and isn’t, the biggest threat to the United States citizen. It’s the American government. And not just if Trump rises to power. Sanders is an even bigger threat to the people’s safety and security. They both scare me, if you will, for very different reasons. But Hilary Clinton is already a known murderer and worse, so we can’t look to her as a happy interim until someone better comes along. The best options we had the public has already discounted as undesirable.

Don’t believe Hilary Clinton has a long history of murder for convenience? Perhaps you should examine one of the programs she has used in the past:

Fired and Forgotten: the chronicle of a U.S. assassin

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