The Island of Greed and Corruption

Malta… What have you done to this place?

I’ve been back a few months and dislike what I see, and am seriously worried about the little rock I grew up on.

Roads still so awful they rattle your spine to a nervous mess, making the bush lanes in Africa feel like a German autobahn. A continuous traffic jam, no matter the day or the hour, fuelling the rage in motorists causing even more chaos and anger. I’m fascinated by fatuous drivers who phone and Facetime foolishly while at the wheel. It’s contemptuous and audacious and dangerous, to say the least. We have enough obstacles to fend off don’t you think?

The never-ending concrete structures sprouting higher and higher, germinating like ugly weeds in a field of strawberries, competing for light and height and oxygen. Buildings so ugly that make gangrene look pleasant, like warts emerging from the edges of our coastline. What so-called architects have done this and why does it go on?

Our Azure Window now gone, the only wonder we hadn’t destroyed, but Mother Nature decided that we were not worthy of it’s beauty. With a crane on every block replacing the trees that once stood decades before we raped this little gem of an island.

We have become obsessed with selfish ideals, driven by greed and economics, ruined by nefarious politics, only caring about what affects our wallets. Our small-island sense of community, which once made us special, is now the very wedge that prevents us from developing as a nation. It all starts with us, the man on the street, calling for favours to get out of a fine. This sort of corruption is inbred deep within our Maltese veins, and until we all follow the rules, politicians and lawmakers will not stop breaking them.

This selfish, gluttonous attitude where we must take as much as we can until the source has dried up has to stop. You are not happy. You are stressed out and anxious and worried and enraged and obsessed and you are chasing all the wrong things. This ever-expanding balloon of highly-exaggerated economic progress will soon burst, and you will be left with nothing but a house and no dreams. You are like sheep following these unwritten rules of society, living to work instead of enjoying each day as if it were your last. Numbers on a bank statement mean nothing. School, University, Boyfriend, Job, House, Marriage, Kids, Work, Die. This is not what life is about.

And the most common excuse is that “all countries have problems”… which they do, but they are bigger than us so they can handle more than us. We are small and tiny, our rock is crumbling, our endemic flora and fauna is long-gone, our seas are polluted, are economy is delicate and so we must make more of a conscious attempt to protect this place.

This country deserves a clean slate. We need to reverse the course of time and fix the mistakes that were made. The Pied Piper must be judged, sentenced and jailed for his lies and deception, and you need to do it now before he leads us straight into oblivion.