By Alizah Asif Farooqi

Snapchat just found its niche in the unlikeliest of places-Wendy’s. The platform paired up with the hamburger joint to encourage hungry Snappers to make donations to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption via a lens that uses the former’s marker tech augmented reality technology. Here’s why the initiative could act as a helping hand to both brands, as well as those in need.

Starting May 20th, cups in Wendy’s restaurants nationwide will feature a Snapcode that users can unlock. From there, the Wendy’s logo comes to life and displays quotes from children and parents brought together by the DTFA. …

By Evan Bakker

Retailers have made significant strides digitally over the past year, outfitting their sites with store appointment booking, live in-store inventory, and same-day pickup. However, many fail to broadcast these capabilities across digital marketing channels, allowing competitors to upstage them in the process.

Best-in-class retailers like Walmart invest in promoting their fulfillment and drive-to-store services across digital marketing platforms. Gartner L2’s most recent omnichannel report reveals a variety of approaches, from display advertisements emphasizing fulfillment capabilities to Instagram images seeking to drive users to stores.

We’ve launched a choose-your-own-adventure interactive that illustrates the relative strengths of each digital marketing platform and reveals optimal tactics for your brand. Experience it here (view on desktop for best results!)

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Originally published at https://www.l2inc.com on May 13, 2019.

By Alizah Asif Farooqi

Nike knows what the consumer wants-according to its latest digital addition-a shoe that fits just right. The brand says it has developed technology, coming this July, that will allow its app to achieve near-perfect size accuracy. If the technology proves successful, it would be a huge step forward for Nike and raise the stakes for the activewear industry overall.

Is pinning down the perfect-sized shoe really that important? Like Prince Charming potentially picking the wrong Cinderella, ill-fitting footwear not only has an effect on the wearer, but on the brand. …


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