Changes to the BHO/BMO have been adopted by the City Planning Commision and are now headed to Planning Land Use Management (PLUM) Committee pending a hearing date.

The most effected zone by the new BHO/BMO ordinance is the R1 zone. R1 will not have any allowable RFA bonuses. R1 will have to comply with new driveway width limitation, encroachment plane for height, side yard articulation for buildings over 45' in length. Front facade setback is now required and not a RFA bonus option, occupied roof have to be setback from the perimeter and of course the allowable RFA has been reduced to .45 from .5 for all lot sizes.

But for Hillsides where the BHO is the law height measurement and grading limitations are the biggest changes for all zones. There will no longer be the pesky 5' measurement from the lowest point within 5' of the building perimeter which confused everyone (that actually a good thing). The new grading exemptions will no longer allow entire basement excavations to be exempted from the grading limits (good? or bad? that depends on who you talk to). But deepend foundations such as piles and caissons will still be exempted from the grading limits as these are common foundations system in large hillside