What Do I Need in My Hospital Bag

Feb 9 · 1 min read
Photo by Aditya Romansa on Unsplash

I have a poorly kept secret. I overpack. I am that person who packs four pairs of underwear for a one night stay. Seriously, who needs that many pairs of underwear for one day? So it should come as no surprise that I overpacked for my hospital stay. Here’s a list of things I actually found useful during my two stays.

1) Music

2) Snacks (I honestly didn’t even eat any)

3) Comfortable change of clothes for going home

4) Robe

5) Socks or slippers

6) Two outfits for baby (in case of blowout)

7) Birth plan you probably won’t use

8) Toiletries (although most hospitals will supply them)

9) Phone charger

It isn’t a lot but you won’t be there very long. When it comes to your hospital bag, less is more. What did you bring when you gave birth?

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