Why I Started LACH

Feb 9 · 3 min read

My name is Kimberly and I am a mother of two beautiful children. LACH is an idea that came out of necessity. Read on to learn more!

About a year after my youngest child turned one, I realized that it may be time to get rid of my maternity clothing. I knew I was not going to have anymore children so I had no reason to keep my wardrobe. I went into full spring cleaning mode. Not only did I pull all of my maternity clothes, I also collected all of my children’s clothing. Once everything was in enormous piles, I was hit with a major realization. I realized just how little my children wore their adorable outfits before outgrowing them and the amount of money, my friends, family, and I spent on them. We all need clothes but it seems like such a waste!

Photo by fran hogan on Unsplash

This dress and cart cover are still in excellent condition!

My first thought was consignment. There were so many ways to do it but each had a flaw. Larger online consignment companies had so many categories I worried about whether or not my items would sell. Local consignment sales required way too much work between tagging and pricing each item and volunteering to work at the actual sale. I found that selling through social media was difficult because the only way to buy or sell was to know people in these active groups. It was all too confusing and time consuming. After realizing the hassle of these different channels, I decided there needed to be an app just for mothers. Enter LACH.

LACH is an app where mothers can find anything preloved, from maternity and children’s clothing to toys and accessories. We no longer need to scour the internet for places to buy or sell our babies’ items, it is all in one place. The best part about LACH is the specialist program. Want to sell items but don’t have time or feel like listing? Work with a LACH specialist who will list items for you! Want to make extra cash? Sign up to become a LACH specialist. You will work directly with buyers by collecting and listing their items on the app. The benefit? Commission and gifts! Mothers helping mothers is the name of the game and everyone is excited to be a part off it. Join the LACH family today!

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