The Real Reason Deflategate Exists.

Well Done NFL PR Machine and Roger Goodell.

Well. Done.

These are the following Suspensions and Arrests of ALL NFL players, since the day after the Patriots won the Super Bowl, sorry Warren Sapp, you didn’t make the cut, but I’ll stop talking and Verbal you.

I am not making any of this up:

The NFL PR Machine should be called The Houdini’s for this incredible dissapearing act.

Jerome Simpson — 8/18 Substance Abuse

Google Results — Jerome Simpson, Suspension — 382k Suspended Player

Akeem Spence — 8/17 Marijuana Arrest

Google Results — Akeem Spence, Arrest — 11k Suspended Player

Ryan Seymour — 8/17 Performance Enhancing Drugs

Google Result — Ryan Seymour, Suspension — 350k Suspended Player

Da’Rick Rogers — 8/12 Suspension (allegedly from DUI)

Google Result — Da’Rick Rogers, Suspension — 365k Free Agent

Bobby Massie — 8/11 Substance Abuse

Google Result — Bobby Massie, Suspension — 73k Active Player

IK Enemkpali — 8/10 Verified Assault/Bodily Injury (Not Arrested)

Google Result — IK Enemkpali — 1.6M Active Player

Ace Sanders — 8/3 Substance Abuse

Google Result — Ace Sanders, Suspension — 365k Free Agent

Orson Charles — 7/31 Violation of Personal Conduct Policy

Google Result — Orson Charles, Suspension — 195k Active Player

Justin Cox — 7/20 Domestic Violence, trespassing, burglary

Google results — Justin Cox, Arrested — 1.6 Million Free Agent

Justin Hunter — 7/20 Felonious Assault

Google results — Justin Hunter, Arrested — 840k Active Player

Andrew Quarless -7/4 Firing a gun in Public

Google results — Andrew Quarless, Gun — 40k Active Player

Jason Pierre Paul — 7/4 Ilegal Fireworks usage — self inflicted finger amputation

Google Result — Jason Pierre Paul, Fireworks — 516k Active Player

CJ Wilson — 7/4 Fireworks usage — self inflicted finger amputation

Google Result — CJ Wilson, Fireworks — 395k Inactive Player

Brandon Ivory — 7/1 First Degree Burglary

Google results — Brandon Ivory, Burglary — 132k Active Player

Donovan McNabb — 6/28 DUI Accident

Google Result — Donovan McNabb, DUI 134k Suspended from FOX Sports

Brandon Spike s— 6/7 Hit and Run

Google Result — Brandon Spikes, Hit and run — 380k Free Agent

Prince Shembo — 5/29 Aggravated Animal Cruelty

Google Result — Prince Shembo, Dog — 46k Free Agent

Ray McDonald — 5/25, 5/27 Violation of Restraining Order, Domestic Violence

Google Result — Ray McDonald, Restraining — 788k Free Agent

Rodney Austin — 4/17 Four Misdemeanor counts: Larceny and Assault

Google Result — Rodney Austin, Larceny, Assault — 32k Free Agent

Brian Dixon — 3/29 Resisting an Officer

Google Result — Brian Dixon, Arrest — 515k Active Player

Bernard Pierce — 3/18 DUI, Speeding

Google Result — Bernard Pierce, DUI — 154k Active Player

Antwon Blake — 3/15 Public Drunkenness

Google Result — Antwon Pierce, Drunk — 6k Active Player

Alex Okafor — 3/9 Evading Arrest

Google Result — Alex Okafor, Arrested — 141k Active Player

Bruce Miller — 3/5 Domestic Abuse

Google Result — Bruce Miller, Domestic Violence — 533k Active Player

Jarret Bush — 3/2 Public Intoxication

Google Result — Jarret Bush, Arrested — 308k Free Agent

Letroy Guion — 2/3 Felony Possession of Marijuana, Firearm

Google Result — Letroy Guion, Arrest — 15k Active Player

And there’s also:

Jabari Price — Substance Abuse

Sean Smith — DUI Arrest

Rolando McClain — Substance Abuse

Datone Jones — Substance Abuse

Antonio Gates — PED

Ahmad Bradshaw — Substance Abuse

Trey Watts — Substance Abuse

Josh Gordon — Substance Abuse

Greg Hardy — Personal Conduct (Domestic Abuse)

Eben Britton — Undisclosed Violation

Victor Butler — PED’s

Le’Veon Bell — Substance Abuse

LaGarrette Blount — Substance Abuse

Those Google Results are in line with the above.

But. Tada!

TOM BRADY — Accused Role in “Deflategate”

Google Result — Tom Brady, Deflategate — 6.4 MILLION

Tom Brady, Court — 36 MILLION

Tom Brady , Goodell — 2.3 MILLION

Tom Brady, Cell Phone — 2.4 MILLION


So while these deflated shenanigans have been dominating the newscycle for 6 months straight (conveniently during the off-season) The other 55 players have actually been arrested, broken the law (or a jaw) and have only lasted longer in the media spotlight than Ryan Fitzpatrick can last on an apartment lease.

55. There is a full active roster of degenerates and criminals, most of who still have their jobs. But we’ve been exponentially focused and honed in on someone who “may or may not have been possibly involved in allegedly doing something that could have, or could not have happened.

How perfect is it that THAT is the only story we all care about.

Sweep the real bad shit right under the rug.

Well done NFL PR Machine and Roger Goodell.

Sleight of Hand at its best.

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