We don´t need no education

No doubt everyone with 40 average remember the music from pink floyd “ We dont need no education” which we can see children as zumbies all similar to others . Or the Robin William ´s movie from 80 decade called Dead Poet Society which one of the student kill himself cause he wanted to be an actor and his father obligated him to be a lawer. This is the first post in this new blog i decided to creat and i intend to show with my words and mainly with words from importants writers how schools have been nocive for mental health (causing even deseases as bipolar illness among others) or how schools can froze the power of creativity in children and teenagers. Writers as Ivan Illich which in early 70 wrote about a society without schools, or the english Ken Robinson that wrote good article explaining in details how schools kill creativy. Paul Lockart, a mathmatician who wrote a book called Mathmatician´s Lament openned the book telling us about a musician who had a nighmare: every child in schools of the city would be obligated to learn all the music theory and obviously it would be no more pleasure with songs as it was before then he tells us what we learn in school have nothing with math. Math is dead too long ago acordding to him. Math is too far from repeat theory just like machine. Math is art…something that let us free to creaty just as a good song or draw a picture.

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