Mea Culpa
Feyi Fawehinmi

Feyi Fawehinmi of Aguntasoolo Notes apologized about “promoting” the candidacy of Pres.Buhari.

Mr Aguntasoolo , we do not need your apology. You cannot come and apologize on our behalf without our consent. We know you did not vote in the last election, so your apology is not valid.

Also, you cannot tell us you understand the bite of the present day Nigerian economy and write us a useless letter disowning Pres.Buhari all the way from cold England.

Leave us.We have come to understand that CHANGE is a process not an EVENT. I disagree with you on every reason you gave. Anybody that lost his or her job should go back and pick the essentials.

Every move that has been made by this administration is in line with disrupting the status quo promoted by the parasitic Nigerian Elite.

In 2019, we will will the elections again.You do not even know anything about politics by the way.