READING ROOM: ON PROTEST was a one-day alternative public library in Ipswich (UK) on Friday 29…
Pacitti Company

In my work as an artist and life generally my protestations, complaints have been seen as being unstable due to mental illness I’m often spoken to in a way that a child would be told off. For thousands of years the oppression, killing, torture and physical imprisonment for being mentally ill is fuelled by an ignorance. Being criminalised for being mentally ill is horrid. Unfortunately I had to defend myself, on my own, against false accusations made against me to the benefit fraud squad, stood aside me were armed squad officers. I know all the people who testified against me, a form containing some people I already know was in front of the investigating officer – I can read upside down! Not only that I see those people regularly. I know who those people are. I know who led the made up accusations. That’s my power, that I am continuing with my life. It is enough to cope with Bipolar and my neurological disorders as well; it’s no good getting angry, so I don’t. I’m a strong believer in peaceful protest. I am a believer in the good people. I support and encourage all those who do the same. I refuse to violate. I refuse to not tell the truth. That’s just me and my motto “kill hostility with kindness” and face to face with truth, I don’t need to manipulate information; I don’t need to hold back; I can officially follow the letter of the law. I am unafraid to be open and I refuse to be intmidated by ignorance. The following clip is very poignant.