Attention Builders: Betanet is Now Live

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A new era begins. Get started by setting up your new L1 Betanet account and dive into our new Hub for open metaverse builders, explorers, and creators.

August 14, 2023 — Attention Builders: The LAMINA1 Betanet is now live. We’re excited to welcome you to the next phase of LAMINA1 development.

Following the successful launch of Devnet in September 2022 and the LAMINA1 Testnet in January 2023, Betanet will be our newest testbed for upcoming features, creator tools and on-chain engagement for LAMINA1. We invite you, once again to join, in its creation.

From a technical standpoint, Betanet is a last chance for L1 partners, worldbuilders, validators, and developers to test, trial run and provide feedback on the network, try out our creator tools, and begin to onboard their experiences and creations in a more persistent and economically stable environment.

From a community standpoint, it’s a chance for creators and builders across the globe to continue the early testing and evaluation of key LAMINA1 products and features, while providing the L1 core team valuable insights, feedback, use cases, and request that will inform the chain and platform’s development in the lead-up to our official launch.

As for the economics of Beta, please note that the L1 Betanet is a test platform and that all L1 Betanet tokens are for testing and development purposes only. They are designed to be used exclusively inside the LAMINA1 Betanet ecosystem, and will be burned in connection with the termination of Betanet at the end of this test period.

Warning: Do not trust LAMINA1 Betanet tokens from any exchange, account or provider outside the LAMINA1 Hub or our dedicated faucet channel on Discord.

Beta’s New Access Point: The LAMINA1 Hub

Introducing: The LAMINA1 Hub, our new front-end testbed for Betanet

Featured in the rollout is The LAMINA1 Hub — a new 2.0 onboarding platform we’ve designed from scratch alongside the chain’s development.

This is a test product we’d like to engineer alongside the community designed to take the friction out of Web3/metaverse onboarding, worldbuilding, and exploration. While it’s still early days, it will continue building as we do, ultimately evolving into a platform built to let creators be creators across the open & immersive web.

You’ll notice in our nomenclature across the new platform — it’s a Hub, not a wallet. Think of it as a central point from which you will one day be able to jump into the metaverse our founder Neal Stephenson originally envisioned. A place where you’ll be able to move fluidly between digital, VR, AR, mobile environments across the open web.

In the short term, use the LAMINA1 Hub to send and receive L1 Betanet tokens, test transactions on our blockchain, access and manage your metaverse identity, and (coming soon!) manage and upload your assets on LAMINA1.

Eventually, as the platform expands, it will be a place to access experiences across gaming, art, music, fashion, and entertainment, or tap into the creator tooling, avatars, and infrastructure/interoperability tools builders & creators will need to bring those experiences to life.

Additional details about the Hub and its upcoming feature set will be released as the platform expands and new community test initiatives are launched alongside it.

Get a full intro and walkthrough of the LAMINA1 Hub from our product team here.

Get Started

Connecting to the LAMINA1 Betanet is easy. Simply head to and hit ‘Enter the LAMINA1 Hub.’ From there, you’ll be asked to log in using an existing account — an email, Discord, social handle, or crypto wallet you already have — then to secure your account and customize your login methods based on your preferences.

On the LAMINA1 Hub, the login process is powered by Web3Auth, a simple, non-custodial authentication infrastructure for Web3 wallets and applications we selected after an extensive review of the Identity landscape with the L1 community earlier this spring. To learn more about the new identity/verification system we will be testing out together, check out this guide we’ve put together in the newly updated L1 Users & Developers’ Guide.

If you’re interested in validating, staking, or delegating or have recently been invited as a Partner Validator, you will also have to temporarily set up an L1 Staking Wallet and connect it to your Hub account. Eventually, these functionalities will be moved over to the Hub.

Finally, to grab some L1 Betanet coins and begin testing transactions, we have a new dedicated #betanet-faucet channel on our Discord where you can a few tokens directly to begin testing out transactions.

We also have some community events coming up where active users will be able to claim and earn additional test tokens. Stay tuned on the LAMINA1 Discord for more information, especially if you participated in our Testnet Quest system earlier this year.

For more information about the LAMINA1 Hub, Betanet Onboarding, or what’s coming next, visit the new LAMINA1 Hub Help Center, right from your Hub.

To report a bug, provide feedback on a feature, or make a recommendation on how to help the Hub expand, fill out our designated feedback form, anytime.

Betanet Quests Begin

Finally, the launch of Betanet also coincides with the re-launch of Quests this week on the LAMINA1 Zealy. For those unfamiliar, the LAMINA1 Quest system encourages the community to participate actively in early testing in exchange for XP, which will be used to track engagement and inform selection for upcoming giveaways, community initiatives, L1 programs, exclusive groups/community projects and beyond.

We’ll start out by using Quests to incentivize onboarding, evaluate the LAMINA1 Hub user experience, and test the exchange of Betanet transactions. We’d also like to see if the resources & documentation we’ve created to guide users’ through the new system is adequate.

If you have any questions about the launch, submit them in the feedback form here. We’ll also be hosting an AMA on Thursday August 17th, 2023 with CEO Rebecca Barkin and CTO Will Carter to answer the community’s questions about this new era, and the accompanying roll-out of Beta.

The following week, we will be announcing the winners of our End-of-Testnet Giveaway, accompanied by a community event designed to celebrate those who have been a part of this exciting journey so far.

Thank you & Happy T/Questing!

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