Attention Builders: LAMINA1 Mainnet is Coming in May 2024

8 min readApr 8, 2024

After almost 2 years of building, LAMINA1 is officially launching its Mainnet in May 2024. Read below for details on what to expect, and how to get involved.

Attention L1 Builders: On Friday, April 5th, the LAMINA1 core team made a very special announcement to L1 insiders — After nearly 2 years of building, the LAMINA1 Mainnet is officially launching in May 2024.

The news was dropped by LAMINA1 CEO Rebecca Barkin, and confirmed publicly that the group’s itinerant core team of metaverse and blockchain technologists will be launching the LAMINA1 chain, platform, and economy sometime next month.

Rebecca broke the news alongside Chief Product Officer Gordon Mattey, Chief Technology Officer Will Carter, and Director of Content and Community Casey Halter in an exclusive sneak peek AMA on the LAMINA1 Discord.

Read below for a recap of the information that was shared live during the session, and an overview of the ways you can get involved in upcoming info sessions, quest initiatives, and amplification efforts in the lead-up to launch.

AMA Recap

LAMINA1’s official Mainnet launch AMA kicked off with the following updates from CEO Rebecca Barkin, who overviewed the official launch window, and key go-to-market updates L1 community members have been asking about since we first started teasing that Mainnet was coming in early 2024.

  • Mainnet Launch in May 2024: After nearly two years of development, LAMINA1 is set to launch its main network this May, marking a significant milestone for the project and its community of nearly 50,000 creators, builders and developers. This step represents the transition from testing, planning and development to a live and operational network, and has officially been dubbed ‘MAYNET’ by excited L1 community members.
  • Financial and Organizational Updates: To date, LAMINA1 has raised about $8 million in funding without resorting to traditional venture capital seed rounds. It was also announced that LAMINA1 will be breaking into two separate entities in the lead up to Mainnet launch: Translaminal Inc. (LAMINA1’s development and services company, headed by CEO Rebecca Barkin and Co-Founder Neal Stephenson) and the Open Meta Foundation, (which will manage the chain’s governance, treasury, and other operational aspects under the stewardship of Co-Founder Peter Vessenes, VC executive Matt Rozcak, and a board of independent stakeholders TBA). Each organization will operate as fully independent entities with no conflicts of interest, ensuring the project’s dedication to its vision and supporting its long-term sustainability moving forward.
  • Upcoming Events and Collaborations: To mark this year’s Mainnet launch, LAMINA1 will be a premier sponsor of the Gaming & Immersive Worlds Summit at Consensus 2024, with co-founder Neal Stephenson taking a prominent role. At the event, the project will showcase its developments, demo several new features and partnerships, and kick off a major go-to-market campaign designed to enhance its visibility and engagement across the Web3 world.

From there, CPO Gordon Mattey provided a brief overview of what to expect on the LAMINA1 Hub platform at Mainnet launch, outlining a vision where fan communities will be able to actively co-create alongside their favorite storyworlds and narratives, while being actively rewarded and recognized for their contributions. Read more about what to expect from product below:

  • LAMINA1 Hub Development: Alongside Mainnet, LAMINA1 will be relaunching a new version of the LAMINA1 Hub powered by an integrated technology stack and blockchain network. This new platform will prioritize community collaboration and co-creation, flexible content formats and AI integration, robust IP rights management, and easy onboarding for open metaverse citizens and creators. That said, it’s important to note that while the LAMINA1 chain will be live, the LAMINA1 Hub platform will continue on in Beta, with several upcoming quests and incentivized testing initiatives for L1 community members in the Mainnet period to come.
  • Phased Feature Rollout: On day 01 of Mainnet, the LAMINA1 Hub platform will feature new User Profiles and an updated Creator Studio for creating 2D assets, as well as new governance features and incentive mechanisms to empower community voice and influence in the network. From there, a second release in June will roll out monetization tools, Storefronts, royalty management and an initial suite AI content creation tools on the platform. Finally, a third Mainnet release in July 2024 will significantly expand the Creator Studio on LAMINA1, launch several new LAMINA1 Spaces, and release a number of new features, including 3D content publishing (like Avatars), content moderation, FIAT payment solutions, and v1 loyalty and reward systems on LAMINA1.

Next, CTO Will Carter provided a quick update on the engineering efforts going on behind-the-scenes at LAMINA, including:

  • Transition to Avalanche: Preparations for the Mainnet launch include transitioning LAMINA1 to operate as a group of subnets within the Avalanche ecosystem. This move involves integrating and testing new tools provided by Avalanche, such as explorers, wallets, indexers, and teleport functionality between subnets, marking LAMINA1 as one of the first networks to utilize these features.
  • Security and Auditing: A critical aspect of back-end preparations is auditing the various components of the decentralized network to ensure security and reliability, aiming to provide a safe platform for users.
  • Genesis Block and Token Allocations: The team is currently finalizing details related to the LAMINA1 genesis block, which defines the initial state of the network, including token distributions and reward mechanisms, as well as finalizing/auditing the governance structures and token economics of the platform, with a forthcoming Whitepaper publication of these details coming soon from the Open Metaverse Foundation for community review.
  • Documentation and Hub Development: The LAMINA1 core team is hard at work updating the L1 Users and Developer’s Guide for Mainnet, along with developing several new functionalities for the LAMINA1, such as public User Profiles and social capabilities to support the platform’s growth and user engagement.
  • Fuji Subnet Testing: L1 engineers are in the midst of launching and testing on the Fuji subnet as a precursor to the Mainnet launch, with plans to involve select community members in testing sometime next week.

Finally, Content & Community Director Casey Halter took to the AMA stage to provide the following community updates:

  • Last Call for Questing: Friday, April 26th, will be the last day LAMINA1 community members will be able to submit Quests for XP on the LAMINA1 Zealy page. After this date, the LAMINA1 Zealy, website, and LAMINA1 Hub platform will go dark and no new engagement opportunities will be posted until after Mainnet launch. Anyone who is in the Discord and has completed at least one Quest by this date will technically be in the dataset the LAMINA1 core team be forwarding to the Open Metaverse for future incentivization and rewards opps. Community members were encouraged to spread the word to fellow L1 Questers before the deadline is up.
  • Upcoming Activations: Over the next four weeks, L1 Discord members should expect weekly quests, education posts, and AMAs on key topics of interest to the community in the lead-up to the transition, including:
  • ‘Journey to Mainnet’ Co-Creation & Hype campaign w/ Forecast — Kicking off Tuesday, April 9th
  • Early Fuji Testing w/ L1 Top Testers & Avalanche Infrastructure AMA — April 10–12
  • L1 Governance & Tokenomics Preview ft. the new Open Metaverse Foundation — April 15–19
  • Important Staking/Validator Updates — April 22–26
  • Call for L1 Featured Creators: Finally, the LAMINA1 core team will be providing early onboarding and token grants to 50–100 Featured Creators across the L1 community and partnership programs in the lead-up to launch. The community team is looking for 5–10 additional community members to feature in this effort alongside a number of notable Web3, digital, and immersive artists. Those interested in submitting their work are asked to fill out this form.

The team also addressed several follow-up questions live from L1 community members on all of the above, including:

Exact Mainnet Launch Timing: The team hinted at an early May launch, but stopped short of providing a specific date due to dependencies on audit completions and early internal testing. The team’s emphasis is on ensuring a strong, secure, and sustainable launch.

Transition from Betanet to Mainnet: The LAMINA1 Mainnet launch signifies a transition from a test environment to a live, real-value network where tokens are genuine, and creations are persistent. Upcoming answers on where to get tokens and where L1 will be listed will be answered by the Open Metaverse Foundation over the coming weeks.

Test Environment Post-Mainnet: Per CTO Will Carter, the LAMINA1 Betanet will remain available for testing deployments, but primary development support will shift to local and Fuji networks. Betanet’s support may wane as focus intensifies on Mainnet and new feature development, but community members can still choose to support it and use it as an internal testbed as long as the Foundation keeps it running.

Beta Assets and Tokens: Assets created or collected in the Betanet phase won’t transfer to the Mainnet, and Betanet tokens will not convert one-to-one to Mainnet tokens. The team’s emphasis continues to be how Beta tokens were used and engaged with rather than the quantity accumulated during the test period.

Projects and Partnerships: While specific partnership announcements are pending, the team teased engaging with various creative sectors, including filmmakers, artists, and musicians. Expect an official announcement about an expansion to the L1 Early Access Program in May 2024.

Community Engagement and Contributions: The team encourages community members to participate in ongoing quests and activities and to support promotional efforts to attract new members passionate about the Open Metaverse in the lead-up to launch.

What’s Next?

On that note, today, the LAMINA1 community team is kicking off a number of new Quests this week designed to help hype up the community and start co-creating in the lead-up to launch.

This includes completing one more repost Quest to help get the word out about the May 2024 launch, participating in our upcoming ‘Journey to Mainent’ co-creation campaign launching with our friends at Forecast later this week and attending an upcoming AMA with CTO Will Carter this Friday about early Fuji testing and the new LAMINA1 infrastructure we’re going to be launching on Avalanche.

As detailed above, expect new updates and AMA invites weekly, and help us get the word out about Mainnet launch! The secret code for reading this post or attending Friday’s AMA is: MAYNET2024!