LAMINA1 and Crucible Launch Unity/Unreal SDK Integration + Pathfinders: Open Metaverse Discovery Month Initiative

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Happening the entire month of October, ‘Pathfinders’ will celebrate an official integration between LAMINA1 and Crucible’s Unity/Unreal Emergence toolkits, along with the upcoming launch of ‘Spaces’ on the LAMINA1 Hub.

Attention Builders: The open metaverse platform we’re developing is about to get a whole lot more immersive.

As of today, we’re excited to announce that Unity/Unreal SDK integrations are now live on the LAMINA1 Betanet, thanks to our friends at Crucible and Open Meta DAO, creators of the Emergence Toolkit.

With this launch, it will now be easier than ever for game engine developers to begin linking their game engine experiences up to the LAMINA1 blockchain — just as we’re preparing to launch NFT Items & Spaces (e.g. playable metaverse experiences) on the Hub later this fall.

See here for a new compilation of guides, code, and video tutorials we just posted up in the L1 Users & Developers Guide designed to help get you up and running with the new Emergence integration.

We’re also excited to announce a joint initiative we’re launching with Crucible the entire month of October called Pathfinders: Open Metaverse Discovery Month to celebrate the launch of the integration and some exciting new features we’re excited to begin testing with you all later this fall.

Read below about what to expect via the press release that just went out to Web3/XR media below:

Wednesday, September 27, 2023 — Crucible and LAMINA1 are launching Pathfinders, a month-long program that will empower builders and creators to begin exploring new open metaverse experiences, coinciding with the integration of Crucible’s Emergence SDK toolkit into the LAMINA1 blockchain.

Starting October 1st, the program will include joint quests and bounties, hands-on workshops for game developers, and sponsored competitions for community creators — with a chance to launch Spaces (playable experiences) on the LAMINA1 Hub, as well as digital assets to be used across many open metaverse games & experiences.

The program marks the official integration of the Emergence SDK as the preferred SDK for LAMINA1. Using Crucible’s Emergence SDK with LAMINA1, game developers can now seamlessly connect experiences built on Unity and Unreal engines to enable features like VRM avatars, on-chain assets, and blockchain interactions, and begin testing them with its community of nearly 50,000 open metaverse builders.

Emergence is now integrated with the Lamina1 blockchain for both Unreal and Unity.

In celebration of the new integration, Pathfinders Discovery Month will include:

  • Hands-on workshops that will let developers easily link their experiences to the LAMINA1 blockchain using the popular Unreal and Unity game engines
  • Joint bounties and quests for participating in AMAs, campaign amplification, and beyond that invite community members to earn rewards for participating in Pathfinders initiatives across the Open Meta and LAMINA1 ecosystems
  • The launch of 2 co-sponsored Creator Competitions (one for NFTs, one for Spaces) offering community members to have their art/experiences featured in upcoming experience launches on LAMINA1.

The first set of workshops from Open Meta and LAMINA1 will be hosted on Wednesday, October 25 (Unity) and Thursday October 26 (Unreal) on the Open Meta Discord, both at 4:00pm UTC. A landing page for the workshops with additional details and a sign-up form for interested developers can be found here.

For more information about the upcoming Emergence workshops, visit:

On the tooling side of things, Emergence provides easy plug-and-play Web3 functionality so game developers can focus on creating great experiences. With integration complete, the tools are now matched with LAMINA1’s purpose-built infrastructure optimised for an open, creator-driven metaverse.

Says Ryan Gill, Founder of Crucible, “LAMINA1 has been a leader in establishing a vision for an Open Metaverse that’s open and inclusive. We’ve been hard at work building the infrastructure to make it easy for game developers to easily create web3 experiences. Now, it’s time for our communities to begin experimenting and prototyping the future.”

Aleissia Laidacker, Head of Product and Technology of Crucible, adds, “Our singular focus with Emergence is to make it easy to tap into the utility of blockchains such as LAMINA1. Now that our integration is complete, we’re excited to see what game developers create using this full suite of tools.”

Gordon Mattey, Chief Product Officer of LAMINA1 says: “Crucible and LAMINA1 are leaders in their fields when it comes to developing the tools and infrastructure for the Open Metaverse: Emergence is a toolkit for game developers that lets them easily integrate Web3 features, including VRM avatars, on-chain inventory, and read/write to the L1 blockchain, while LAMINA1 is building the core infrastructure to allow for an equitable and open metaverse that empowers communities, developers, and creators.”

To access developer materials designed to get open metaverse developers building with the official LAMINA1 and Emergence SDK integration, visit &

To participate in Pathfinders: Open Metaverse Discovery Month and stay updated on its upcoming competition, quest, and bounty initiatives, join the LAMINA1 and Open Meta Discords at &

What’s Next?

This week, in tandem with releasing the above announcement, we’re launching a number of Quests and co-hosting an AMA with the Emergence team on the L1 Discord to answer developer questions about the integration and what to expect during upcoming Open Metaverse Discovery Month initiatives.

Complete this week’s Quests and join our AMA to stay up to speed on upcoming ‘Pathfinders: Open Metaverse Discovery Month’ initiatives.

The AMA will take place on Friday, September 29th at 9:00AM PST / 4:00pm UTC on the LAMINA1 Discord. To submit a question for the L1/Emergence teams and earn some sweet Zealy XP along the way, fill out the survey form here.

In addition, we’ll be joining Open Meta at their weekly Town Hall on Twitter Spaces tomorrow, September 28th at 9:00am PST / 4:00pm UTC to talk about the partnership and some exciting plans they have in store for open metaverse builders. See here for an event link and details.

That’s it for now. If you’re a developer, dive in to the toolkit, sign up for a workshop, check out the Open Meta community, and let us know on Discord how you’re planning to use the toolkit. We’d also love to hear from you here if you are interested in launching a Space or experience on LAMINA1 later this fall.

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