LAMINA1 Blockchain & Interverse Kick Off Partnership With In-Game Digital Collectibles & NFTs

4 min readMay 31


The collaboration, which features Interverse’s Digital Collectibles + Multiplayer social games for major European Football Clubs highlights how LAMINA1’s blockchain tech will seamlessly integrate into future in-game sports experiences in the open metaverse.

This just in via a Media Alert that went out to press at Augmented World Expo 2023 this morning:

[SANTA CLARA, CA — May 31, 2023] — LAMINA1, a blockchain optimized for the open metaverse, and Interverse, a gaming & Ai company creating unique social gameplay experiences for brands and enterprises today announced their official partnership — kicking off the collaboration at Augmented World Expo 2023 revealing how its blockchain tech will help bring future XR/sports experiences to life.

The collaboration will pave the way for sports fans to play and socialize freely in an open 3D world as their very own personalized digital avatars, digital 3D versions of their mascots from their favorite clubs brought to life. Season 1 features IP partnerships with 8 top European Football Clubs, starting with Benfica’s Victory eagle digital avatars.

Both LAMINA1 and Interverse are collaborating towards a world where blockchain is used to power interoperable assets & experiences across the open metaverse, demonstrating LAMINA1’s continued push into the gaming, entertainment, fashion, and sports arena — areas it sees as rife with opportunity for blockchain and metaverse innovation.

Interverse will be joining LAMINA1 Early Access Program, which offers select gaming and metaverse developers priority access to its blockchain, creator tooling, and to be featured at LAMINA1 launch. In addition, both LAMINA1 and Interverse have announced they will be working together over the next few months to create a series of in-game Digital Collectibles & NFTs.

“We are extremely excited to join the LAMINA1 Early Access Program and collaborate with other partners in delivering innovative gaming and social experiences for the sport industry and beyond” said Kevin Oranje CEO at Interverse. “We look forward to working closely with LAMINA1 and our fellow partners to push the boundaries of what is possible in the metaverse, and to bring new levels of social gameplay and immersion to brands and enterprises entering the Web3 space.”

Interverse joins 13 other companies across metaverse gaming, entertainment, and creator tooling in the LAMINA1 Early Access Program, including Amber Studio, Dubit,, HTC VIVE, and others. To that effect, HTC will be collaborating with LAMINA1 utilizing Interverse’s Degen Royale gaming IP to showcase the metaverse-enabling features that the LAMINA1 blockchain will be providing to the VIVERSE platform.

As part of the collaboration, a special-edition NFT skin featuring HTC’s new VIVE XR Elite headset was also created and showcased by HTC Global VP of Corporate Development Alvin Graylin Wang at AWE, highlighting how members of the LAMINA1 Early Access Program have begun collaborating on projects combining blockchain, XR technology, and social gameplay in powering the future metaverse.

“At LAMINA1, we are passionate about empowering builders and creators with the tools and connections they need to unlock a new era of online experiences,” said Géraldine Pamphile, Chief Business Officer at LAMINA1. “We are excited to explore the learnings and outcomes of this upcoming collaboration and to showcase how top brands and properties across sports and entertainment can enter the blockchain and metaverse space with ease and impact.”

For more information about the LAMINA1 Early Access Program and how to apply for access, visit For more information about the partnership, contact


LAMINA1 is a Layer 1 blockchain optimized for the open metaverse — providing builders and creators a flexible framework for a better online future. The organization was founded in June 2022 by renowned author and futurist Neal Stephenson, who originated the term “metaverse” in his 1992 novel Snow Crash, and crypto pioneer Peter Vessenes, digital currency expert and founder of the first venture-backed Bitcoin company.

Its mission is to deliver the infrastructure, API, and tooling needed to empower a vibrant, global community of open metaverse creators — championing the development of a robust, performant and interoperable ecosystem that gives builders and consumers more agency and ownership in the next online era.

About Interverse

Interverse is a one-stop provider in creating unique Social Gameplay experiences for brands and enterprises to enter the Web3 space easy and efficiently. They work with global sports clubs, fashion brands and enterprises by helping them launch digital collectible (NFT) avatars and items directly into a 3D world experience that offers social gameplay for fans and communities to boost bonding, engagement & loyalty.




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