Litepaper: Identity in the Open Metaverse

3 min readJul 5


The Identity Litepaper is now live. Read on to explore the approaches, challenges & solutions we’ve been investigating for the LAMINA1 platform.

After a 48-hour community preview, the Identity Litepaper is now live & available to the public.

In case you missed it on Discord, LAMINA1 is officially less than one month out from Betanet.

In advance of the big launch, we’re excited to drop our latest technical release from L1 engineering: The Identity Litepaper — a 30-page deep dive into the world of digital identity, which builds upon the decentralized, open metaverse vision we laid out in our Original and Metaverse-as-a-Service whitepapers earlier this year.

With this latest publication, we set out:

  • To shed light on the history and current state of identity solutions in the Web3 and blockchain space;
  • To explore the issues and challenges that lie ahead for its developers;
  • & To provide insights into the different identity approaches we are currently investigating for the LAMINA1 platform.

This paper also marks an important milestone in our development as a blockchain for open metaverse creators — acknowledging how identity will underpin essential aspects of future ownership, provenance, freedom, and interaction on LAMINA1, and absolutely underscoring that getting it right will be vital as we shape the landscape of the virtual frontier.

Access the full Litepaper here.

Special thanks to the L1 Community, who have spent the last month participating in surveys, AMAs, interest groups & beyond as part of a Community-Wide Call for Collaboration around metaverse identity on the LAMINA1 Discord. All 1k+ participants are officially credited in the paper on its final page. A series of accompanying Quests & AMAs this week will officially round out our related community activations.

We’d also like to thank Dele Atanda, CEO and Founder metaMe — an official member of the LAMINA1 Early Access Program and metaverse identity expert in his own right, who joined us for the Metaverse Identity AMA with LAMINA1 Co-Founder Neal Stephenson earlier this month that ended up shaping so much of this paper, and for pre-reading & vetting its substance prior to its debut.

Finally, we’d like to thank the Metaverse Experience Research Group at the Savannah College of Art and Design — Disha Shah, Sneha Shetty, Kanika Trivedi and Cristina Cordova— who collaborated with LAMINA1 to provide key data & insights for the paper, and whose research is now published in full on the LAMINA1 website here.

We highly recommend that anyone interested into diving deeper into digital identity and how it will shape future user experiences in the metaverse give it a read in full.

Access the full report here.

To provide feedback on the Identity Litepaper or ask a question for our upcoming AMA with L1 engineering, visit the survey link here.

You can also listen in or ask a question live at the AMA by attending the event on Friday 7/7 at 11:15am PST / 6:15pm UTC at the designated Discord event link here.

Signal your interest in the event on the L1 Discord here.

Thanks and keep building!




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