Why Silicon Valley is all wrong about Amazon’s Echo Show
Chris Messina


Thank you for the article, it points out many new thoughts and ideas about what computing will, and maybe should, become. You neglected to cover one aspect of it that is of prime importance to me.


Who gets to decide that? Not me and when every word spoken is heard by the computer and I have “Absolutely No Idea” who’s listening it’s “NO ONE ELSE.” Would I like a Star Trek like environment? Abso-damn-lutely! But, who wrote the software? Are there back doors? (Pretty much a guarantee) Which secret agency is listening when I make some comment like, “Where can I buy a bomb?” because I’m writing a story and need the information. Even writing that here concerns me because every word we type is recorded and scanned.

I lived and worked in the Soviet Union from 1978 to 1980 and I am intimately familiar with what a government can do to a population given the power. Recording every word we say gives them tremendous power. I’ve held several high-level clearances so I’m high on the “let’s pay attention to him” list. Yes, I have been visited by 2 seperate agencies for “Debriefing” interviews.

A daughter, her husband and their 16 year old girl and 9 year old boy live with me and they have Alexa. Now I have to think about every word I use.

I’m a retired computer hardware design engineer, 20 doing military weapons systems and 10 in telecom doing central and remote office switching computers.

When I can trust it I’ll be into it.

Thank you for the post