LA’s Ban on UltraCompact Pistols May Be Overturned

Since 2001, ‘ultracompact’ pistols are illegal to sell in the city of Los Angeles. This ban prohibits the sale of small firearms measuring up to 6.75 inches in length and 4.5 inches in height. The ban includes the holsters that carry those pistols. Dealers who can legally sell them must keep records of sale to police departments. Gun control advocates argue that criminals use these due to their concealability, while gun rights groups disagree with that argument. Although Los Angeles prohibits the sales of these firearms, there is a chance to repeal it soon. This Los Angeles shooting range takes a deeper look.


Current California law limits which guns can be sold in the state. Less than 800 types of handguns are permitted. Gun enthusiasts argue that this ban contradicts state law, which allows some of these compact pistols to be legally sold. They argue that state law should supersede local restrictions.


The cry to ban compact firearms has been around for several decades. Groups such as Women Against Gun Violence and The Violence Policy Center have and continue to favor the ban, arguing that the portability and concealability of these ‘pocket rockets’ make them an even greater danger to the general public. Other major cities such as Oakland and San Francisco followed suit after LA’s ban in 2001.


Gun rights groups oppose the ban for multiple reasons. They argue that the ban prevents women, the disabled, and countless vulnerable Americans from defending themselves against violent threats. Groups like the NRA and California Rifle and Pistol Association continuously demand that the ban be overturned. They have also sued city and state governments when they believe bans go too far in restricting our constitutional right to bear arms. Due to their efforts, the city council will soon vote on repealing the ban.

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