What you need to know about Hillary’s Stance on Guns

It seems that almost every issue brought up in this year’s election has been a heated debate, but the issues regarding gun rights have been an especially toasty subject. Surprisingly, the gun debate is especially important for younger female voters. According to a recent poll, 10% of women said gun rights are the most important among a number of issues. If the right to bear arms is a deal breaker for you, your decision come election time might be a lot easier because the Republican and Democratic candidates stand on complete different sides of the issue. Your Long Beach shooting range shares what you need to know about Hillary Clinton’s stance on guns.

What are her views?

Clinton is undoubtedly for stricter gun control laws and more gun-violence prevention measures. Her campaign website states that she will expand background checks and close “dangerous” loopholes that allow domestic abusers or people with a history of mental illness to buy guns if elected. One of her especially crazy ideas involves holding gun sellers and manufacturers accountable for gun deaths that come at the hands of people who shouldn’t have had access to firearms.

“I strongly believe we’ve got to have common-sense reforms to keep weapons out of the hands of criminals, the violently unstable, domestic abusers, and even terrorists, who find it pretty easy in our country to get a hold of a weapon.”

To keep things short, her beliefs on gun control would certainly make it harder for everyone to buy firearms; this includes law-abiding citizens who are being punished for others’ crimes.

What she’s done:

As a New York Senator, she voted against legislation that aimed to protect manufacturers and gun dealers from law suits involving deaths that were “caused” by their products. She has also openly spoken against assault rifles and believes the general public shouldn’t have access to them, most recently supporting the reinstatement of their ban that was originally signed into law by her husband, Bill Clinton.

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