How brands can stay competitive in 2019 through storytelling

Our manufacturing, distribution and information power has never been stronger or more efficient. It has never been faster or cheaper to launch a product or service and your audience, empowered by the information age, are a mere search away from discovering your business. So how can organisations stand out, especially in todays saturated markets?

Unless you have a unique value proposition, there are plenty of alternatives to choose from. It’s either you or your competitor. This is why having a powerful brand presence could mean the difference between a sale or stagnation. And a strong brand correlates with powerful brand storytelling.

A brand should not be defined as just a logo, a visual design system or a motto, though these are all very important components. But they need to be supported by a powerful brand story that has an emotional impact to your target audience. A story that causes empathy.

Humans have always been greatly impacted with stories. We use them to pass on learnings through generations. Instead of telling a child to simply not lie, the story of the child who cried “wolf” was used in order to demonstrate the tragic outcome of not telling the truth. Stories are appealing and speak to a deeper region of the brain with a much longer lasting impact.

In todays reality, there is an excess of information and people’s attention has never been more fragmented. So in order to attract their attention, your story needs to be compelling and inspire trust in your brand.

Why do you and your employees get out of bed each morning to work for your organisation? What makes you unique and stand out from others who offer something similar? If it is only revenue, then you run the risk of losing customer trust. If it is because you believing your product/service has an ultimate purpose to better society or solve a serious problem, then your position potentially already has an advantage against that of a competitors.

It takes time to really delve into the identity that makes your organisation stand out from the crowds but it is often closely linked to the original reason that powered the birth of your business in the first place. Once defined, let that identity and message seep through your visual design presence, your motto and any piece of content and marketing communications you release in every brand touchpoint. That is how you can get closer to a cohesive and seamless brand experience.