Since you’re not adept enough at social cues to get that the article was written somewhat…
Stephanie Johnson

Who the hell are you to dictate how a man asks a woman out, and how many times he does it? “You may not ask her again.” Go put your head back in the sand. Clearly you’re a frigid bitch who hates men. Surprise! There’s women in the world who LOVE men.

And “keep your personal life on your own time,” again, fuck off. You don’t get to dictate how people live their lives. Your rules are not my rules or men’s rules or rules of the world. Deal with it. Thinking you’re in control of everyone is probably why you’re still alone.

For the women who were sexually harassed by this pig, Weinstein, it’s not okay. But what he did and the scenarios you’re describing are entirely different situations. Grow up. Realize that every moment is different with every person, and you don’t get to control people’s behavior.