9 Facebook Hacks for Business

There’s no doubt that Facebook is powerful for business — if you use it well! I’ve got 9 easy and effective hacks to help your business make the most of its Facebook presence.

These are super actionable tips which you can start using right now in your business. Let’s dive on in!


Use the juicy space of your Facebook cover page as a digital billboard for your business. Tell people what they should do — sign up for something, learn more, etc. Explain an offer and drive traffic to whatever is most valuable to you.

Also, as Facebook slowly rolls out the new Facebook page layout, you’ll have even more room for your cover image — and a larger, more prominent button! In the new layout, Facebook will no longer overlay text and buttons over your image so you’ll have a lot more real estate to play with.

Bonus hack: Make your personal Facebook profile a billboard as well! The only thing is there are no buttons on the personal page, so make the instructions simple (like go to www.example.com) since they will have to do the work themselves.


Turn your Facebook page into an automatic lead generation machine by pinning a post so it’s always the first one on the page.

You can pin a link to an offer you have, like a lead magnet or Facebook group. It’s an easy way to always have your Facebook page promoting what you want to most!

You can see by the small orange tab that it is a pinned post.

To pin your own post, scroll down on your page to the one you’d like to feature. Click the small arrow in the top right-hand corner and select ‘Pin to Top’ which is the first option on the list.

Good to go! Your post is pinned.


Get more exposure for your business page by responding to comments as your business.

This works almost everywhere on Facebook except for inside groups — you can only operate as your personal profile within a group.

When writing a comment, click on your profile picture in the upper right-hand corner of the comment box. A dropdown menu will appear of the pages you manage. Select the page and you’re ready to comment!

This is like free advertising for your business as it will show your business name wherever you comment.


This is a POWERHOUSE tip!

When people like your post (even your ad!), you can invite them to ‘like’ your page.

First, click to see the list of people who liked the post.

Then, you’ll see the option to invite people to like your page. Now watch the ‘likes’ roll in!


You can absolutely use an outside app — like Hootsuite or Buffer — to schedule your posts.

But sometimes simple is best. You can natively schedule posts for Facebook easily, and it works both from the Facebook desktop version and in the Pages app.

Click the down arrow right beside the ‘Publish’ button. You’ll see the ‘Schedule’ option as the first one which comes up.

From here, it’s easy to pick the date and time you want your post to go live. When you’re travelling, you can see the time you Facebook page is set for so it will help you determine the ultimate posting time. When I took this screenshot my home base was in Vancouver, so it was set for Pacific Time — it’s a good reminder for when I’m out travelling!

No fuss, no muss, no hooking up outside apps with Facebook.


You can analyze your page pretty in depth with Facebook’s own Audience Insights. But if you want a quick effective overview, my top choice is Likealyzer. I like that it gives you page comparisons to similar businesses so you can see where you stand.

It will analyze your page to identify what you’re doing well and what you could improve. It gives you a really simple breakdown of small changes you can take to increase your page’s effectiveness. It’s not perfect, but it does have some handy tips. Plus, it’s free!

You can also do some sneaky detective work on your competitor’s Facebook pages to see what’s working for them and what they could do better. You can work to fill that gap!


You have a Facebook page for your business — and you might want to create a group as well.


Facebook groups are little communities based around whatever the interest is — like entrepreneurship, crochet, or Pokemon Go.

It’s not for every business, but it’s worth considering.

Facebook groups get way more newsfeed exposure than pages so this increase your reach. Plus, members are more likely to open up and interact within the privacy of a closed or private group instead of on public pages. It’s a fabulous place to build know, like, and trust — critical stages of the buyer’s journey. Plus, you might have a great time with it, just like I do in my group at GrowMyBusinessOnline.Club!

However, groups are time consuming to manage. You can always test it out and see if this strategy is a good fit for your business.


Facebook’s current newsfeed algorithm is primed to promote live video. Notice how your feed is filled with movies? That’s no coincidence, it’s the way Facebook has structured it — so use it to your advantage!

Even if you don’t get a lot of live interaction, the staying power of Facebook Live is powerful. I’ve seen businesses getting 10 times the views of their following — all from a simple live video!

Plus, if you record it on your phone you can save the video and use it elsewhere — such as uploading it to YouTube or embedding it in a blog. As business owners, we don’t want to do work twice, so this is a fantastic way to leverage our time while creating powerful content!


If you ever plan on doing Facebook advertising you’ll want to get the Facebook pixel on your site, pronto.

Why? It tracks the people who come to your website. As people visit your site, the pixel gathers all sorts data which helps you learn about your audience, make better business decisions, and lets you retarget those people who’ve visited your site — because they’re likely interested in your offer.

The magic of Facebook advertising is all in the data. The pixel doesn’t work retroactively, so you’ll want to get it on your site ASAP to start building that powerful cushion of information.

Check out the video below to learn how and follow along with the steps to generate the pixel and install it in your WordPress website.


Wow, that was quite the Facebook marathon! We’ve covered a lotta ground in this Facebook for business hackathon. And I’ve got puh-lenty more tips to help businesses grow through social media marketing! In fact, I’m on a mission to chat with and help 100 brilliant business owners (just like you!) about marketing. Want a free mini marketing makeover? Let’s do this — it’s a (Skype) date!


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