Oh my god… You’re going to love this woman! Let me introduce you to Rachel Pedersen

Rachel Pedersen is a Social Media Strategist who passionately pursued her dream of becoming a full-time entrepreneur. In less than 6 months she became fully booked with an exciting clientele from around the world, and enjoys the freedom to write, create, and work from anywhere.

Rachel’s work has been featured in publications such as Glamour, Cosmopolitan, The Daily Mail, TODAY Show, and many more major publications.

You can Rachel over at RachelPedersen.com and I seriously recommend you join her FB group,Become a Social Media Manager if you’re interested in… Becoming a social media manager haha.

I hope you enjoy Day 2 of this event!

Now, over to Rachel…


Many influencers are fast to tell business owners which social media platforms they have to jump on — I see it all the time! Influencers are swearing that Periscope is the ‘must join’ platform. You HAVE to be on SnapChat. Join Blab or miss out on the opportunity.

“You have to be everywhere!” –they say.

Unfortunately, this mindset of jumping at each new, hot platform — or even the most popular social media platforms — isn’t the best approach for your business. In fact, it could be holding you back from maximizing your potential on social media!

In a perfect world we would all be on every single social media platform, consistently sharing loads of content, engaging like a master. But that’s not realistic for most business owners. You’re busy, and don’t have the time to be on 15–20 social media platforms each day. I get it!

You might be reading this, wondering who am…. I’m an award-winning social media strategist for established and renowned clients around the world! I’ve gone viral worldwide for my social media work! I’ve created targeted social media strategies for my clients that include increasing sales, connecting with influencers and celebrities.

I’ve worked with businesses in many different industries, and clearly understand the massive impact social media can have on your business’s growth — because I’ve achieved it for many clients and myself.

The number one piece of advice that I want you to take away is this: the best decision you can make for your business is to carefully choose the best social media platforms that align closely with your business goals.

Okay, hold up… Before we take a look at the best social media platforms for each of the business goals you might have, we have to make sure you have your goals clearly defined.

One of the top goals for each of our businesses is to increase revenue.

That almost goes without saying.

There are many different efforts and smaller goals that support that overarching goal of building a successful business.

Some examples of these goals include driving traffic to your website, establishing authority in your industry, delivering value, creating strong branding, becoming a thought leader — the list goes on and on!

This leads me to ask you — what are your top 3 goals for your business?

Once you answer that question, you are ready to determine which social media platforms are best for achieving your business’s goals.


Facebook is the Oprah of social media. This platform is not only incredibly popular, but it can be a powerful platform for growing your business.

In the past, Facebook was a no-brainer. In 2015 and 2016 there have been many changes to Facebook’s algorithm, essentially squashing the efforts of many businesses. I’ve seen many small business owners give up entirely on Facebook, saying that the reach and potential are dead.

Facebook is popular for a reason, and its recent changes are rewarding those who produce quality content that engages their audience.

Facebook is right for your business if your goals include: Establishing social proof, scoring great reviews from customers, delivering quality content including videos and blogs (note the emphasis on quality), connecting and responding to customers, engaging on a personal level with community.

**Important note: Facebook ads are another incredible way to utilize Facebook to drive traffic, sales, and more… However, Facebook ads are not as simple as reading 1 blog post and running successful campaigns. For the purpose of this article, I will not be tackling this monster of a platform.**


Does your industry have constant changes that are worthy of discussion? Do your customers/clients talk about your services/products? If so, then Twitter is going to be a powerful driver of business for you.

Twitter is best for building your reputation through consistency. You can engage with customers or potential customers to build a raving fan base. This social media platform is wildly successful especially for those in technology, sports, and news-heavy industries.

Twitter is right for your business if your goals include: Real-time response to customers, engaging directly with others in your industry, attracting savvy customers who respect your opinions as a thought-leader, driving traffic to your website.


Instagram is completely unique from all other social media platforms — this platform uses imagery to tell your business or brand’s story. While this platform is a strong contender for all businesses with visually appealing products, it also works for many industries by getting a little creative (i.e. creating quotes, ‘lifting the curtain’ and showing your company, showing your humor).

Instagram is right for your business if your goals include: Selling specific products, creating solid branding, sharing your brand’s unique personality or story, sharing value through branded images.


Pinterest’s platform is one I highly recommend for all businesses that have visuals with a purpose. Using images from your blog, your online store, or your lead magnets, you can sometimes get a viral response for free.

Despite being easy to use (I’ve seen results in 5–10 minutes per day with Pinterest), many business owners shy away from it. Pinterest should not be overlooked if you have visuals and links associated with those visuals.

Pinterest is right for your business if your goals include: Driving massive traffic to your blog or products, getting a viral response, small consistent actions that lead to a long-term growth.


LinkedIn is quite possibly the most under-utilized social media platform. It’s not only a lead-generation platform when used with strategy, but is also a professional networking powerhouse!

It technically could be categorized as a social media platform, but is run differently than the other platforms. The best results on LinkedIn are done using your own personal profile, and connecting with others on a professional level.

LinkedIn is right for your business if your goals include: generating sales, finding investors or partners, sharing the wins for your business, creating buzz about your business within your network.


Before we even think about Reddit, I have to warn you… Reddit is the motherland of online trolls. Literally, this platform is cutthroat as Ramsey Bolton. I do not recommend jumping into Reddit with high hopes or bright eyes.

Reddit can be an incredible place to grow your authority in an industry, but it must be done discretely and without advertently expressing your business’s goals.

Reddit is right for your business if your goals include: Hearing the tough feedback about your business, looking to dialogue and learn from your target market, target market research, or you want to open a public forum about your brand with an AMA.


If Reddit is the Wicked Witch of the West, Quora is the darling Glinda. Quora is a question and answer platform where you can quickly grow a strong following. Similar to Pinterest, Quora is a platform where 5–10 minutes per day can lead to big results.

Quora is right for your business if your goals include: Establishing your authority quickly, answering real questions from potentials customers, engaging in friendly dialogue with your target market.


YouTube is obviously an incredible way to grow a loyal following. However, there is one requirement for YouTube. You must create videos. These can range from webinars to funny videos for entertainment purposes. If you’re creating them, you’re probably already uploading them to YouTube!

YouTube is right for your business if your goals include: Creating and sharing consistent video content, building a loyal following, explaining products or services, delivering value regularly.


SnapChat is an incredible platform for reaching millennials and savvy entrepreneurs. SnapChat’s ability to share personality-packed videos and photos makes it a light-hearted platform.

While there are many influencers who rave about SnapChat’s ability to grow a solid following, it isn’t right for many brands. You should have a creative and actively growing strategy for using SnapChat to avoid looking like a rookie.

SnapChat is right for your business if your goals include: Creating a fun and creative narrative, engaging your customers or potential customers, introducing new products, adding limited discount codes, creating a buzz about your brand.

Choosing the best platforms for your business is clearly an important and difficult part of social media. With this blog post as your guide, you should have some clarity on the best platforms for your business!

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