I want to introduce you to a good friend of mine, Henno Fo… co-founder of ChooseJarvis.com

Henno and his business partner have created an awesome new piece of software that will help you automate your social media posts. I’ve been a part it since the very beginning… And I absolutely love Jarvis. Jarvis is like MeetEdgar, which you’ve probably heard of, but at a fraction of the price and with extra features!

I asked Henno to write a post today because he’s the perfect guy to explain the importance of scheduling your social media posts. As a digital nomad or aspiring digital nomad, we might not have the time to constantly be posting on social media… So being able to automate this is great. But unlike Buffer or Hootsuite, you can create a library of content inside Jarvis for him to send out over and over again. I told Henno to explain why this is all important and how Jarvis can help us out.

And yes… The name Jarvis came from the movie Iron Man

That was my first question to Henno when he was first talking about Jarvis as it was about to launch.

** I want to give special thanks to Henno because he’s giving you guys a special discount on your first month of Jarvis if it’s something you think will work for you. Just use “tmd50” when at the checkout to get 50% off your first month of Jarvis! Now Jarvis is a no brainer, forget about Edgar! **

Anyway, enough from me. Here’s Henno…


Social media marketing is pointless if you are not consistent.

It’s all about building relationships and communication is the foundation of all relationships. Your relationship won’t last long if there’s a gap in communication.

Think of your social media page or profile as a TV channel. You can repeat or recycle old content but you will start to lose all viewership if your channel goes off-air every once in awhile.

You have got to build your audience little by little and for that, you need to produce quality content on a continuous basis.


The importance increases manifolds if you are working as a digital nomad or running a location independent business.

You can travel all you want but you need to be there for your clients and customers.

Having regularly updated social profiles is the best way to make your presence felt. A long absence from social media will seriously dent your chances of getting new clients.

Easier said than done

When you are continuously travelling to new places, you will often find yourself at a place with poor or no internet connection.

This is particularly true for “travel days” when you have too much on your plate to think about posting a tweet or Facebook update.

Also, you can work at a time of your own convenience but you need to update your social media profiles at a specific time to get maximum exposure.

The peak time in your target market can differ from your working hours.

So what you can do about it all?

The answer is, automate your social media posts.

Automation is usually looked down upon by old school marketers but you won’t be a digital nomad if you were stuck with the old ways.

And we are not talking about 100% automation.

You will control when and what to post. You will monitor your social media account, respond, and engage with your target audience but the automation tool will take care of everything else.

This is what we have in mind when we designed Jarvis, a social media tool that allows you to automate the entire process and save hours on curating and sharing high-quality content.

Here’s how the automation can be of help.

You will never be absent:

Automating social media posts mean that you won’t have the off days.

Posting too much or too little can affect your organic reach. You’ve got to maintain the right frequency and you can do that by scheduling posts for next few days in advance.

Furthermore, using an automation tool with content recycling feature means that your account will be updated even if there’s nothing scheduled (more on “content recycling” later).

You will be able to post at the right time:

Nomadic lifestyle can make it hard to match your work timings with your clients or customers. There are regions with more than 10 or 20 hours apart, making it difficult to post something at the peak timeswhen your target users are online on Facebook or Twitter.

Without a scheduling tool, posting on the right time means getting out the time to create and post multiple times a day, every day, including the weekends and holidays.

You will improve engagement rate:

Posting at the right time will automatically improve your engagement which is probably the most important quality signal used in social media algorithms.

Just a few likes or interactions can give a massive boost to your organic reach and that is possible only when you are posting at the right times.

You don’t have to waste time on content curation:

Creativity and content curation are two most important factors to succeed at social media.

We are least creative when we push our mind to be creative right there and then.

On the other hand, finding the right stuff can take a long time if you are looking for something share-worthy.

Automating social media posts mean that you can simply schedule great content on the go.

So have we got that straight? Automation is the answer to all of your social media woes.

And now let me show you how to get the most done in the least possible time.

I will be using Jarvis as an example but you can use any other tool that offers content recycling and content discovery along with scheduling feature (there are not many).


The right social media marketing strategy requires mixing up different types of posts.

You need to use links to your blog posts, photos, videos, or simple text posts. Focusing on just one type will devoid you of some benefits.

For example, simply posting interesting videos or photos will improve engagement rate but you will not get any leads or conversions from this traffic.

On the other hand, promotional posts can bring some business but you will lose your page fans or followers because nobody wants to see business promotions in their timeline.

Social media calendar ensures that you will be mixing it all nicely.


You must share interesting content from the web, other than your own thoughts and blog posts, to become a quality source of information. It’s not a place to sing your own praises.

Besides, that’s your best chance of increasing engagement rate so you need to find stuff that will be liked or shared by your target users.

Instead of wasting hours on browsing a hundred different sources while searching for interesting content that will be shared by your target users, use a content discovery tool to instantly find tried and tested share-worthy content.

Jarvis has that as a built-in feature.

Go to “Discover” and enter your search term and it will give you the most shared posts from recent past.

As you can see, these are some of the most shared posts on our target topic. Just take these posts and post them for next few days and see your engagement rate climb.

It sounds simple and it is.


Most of your blog posts or content has a week or two before it stops getting any attention or visitors (unless it manages to rank for a highly searched keyword, which is rare).

No matter how hard you work on a blog or social media post, it’s done and dusted after a couple of weeks.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

There are posts and content that never grows old.

Here’s a story of a blogger who received 48% growth in site visitors and 59% hike in page views, simply by creating and posting three unique tweets for each post that she wrote.

You can do the same and make the most of your evergreen feature by using content recycling.

It allows you to build a collection of your best posts and use them over a period of time.

Here’s how to do it.

Create a library of content that will be of interest to your target audience and divide them into different categories e.g. blog posts, inspirational quotes, etc.

Now schedule posts from different categories on specific times and days.

And it will start to post messages from these categories on the given time and days.

Recycling feature means that the app will start to use old posts from the library when it doesn’t have anything new to post.

So your best posts will get the maximum possible exposure and much better chances to make an impact.

You never know when a month-old article or post will get picked by your audience, resulting in a lot of new visitors or leads for your business.

So there you are!

All this automation and content recycling will save you a lot of time and effort.

It will ensure that you are taking full advantage of social media without missing out on the fun of living a nomadic life.

Now it’s your turn to make it happen.


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