Pour ceux qui connaissent, le drop shipping est un excellent moyen d’apprendre à faire du e-commerce en apprenant tout simplement en faisant. C’est aussi un excellent moyen de ne pas prendre de risque lorsque l’on a trouvé une niche sur laquelle se lancer. En revanche, vous pouvez très facilement perdre votre avantage à la minute ou vous vous faites copier à petite comme à grande échelle si votre communauté n’est pas réelle ou solide !

Pourquoi est-ce que je vous en parle aujourd’hui ?

Comme vous le savez, ce qui m’intéresse c’est les solutions qui permettent aux entreprises de créer de l’activité pour embaucher et donc créer de l’emploi. C’est donc pour moi important de partager des informations qui peuvent éventuellement vous aider les entreprises qui en ont besoin de transformer leur modèle pour les rendre plus agiles. …

L’article qui suit est une analyse synthétique du retail aujourd’hui avec pour étude approfondie, le mouvement #GOFORGOOD qui vient d’être lancé par les Galeries Lafayette. En effet, le retail et le wholesale subissent des mutations considérables qui nous poussent à nous questionner sur leur pertinence, le sens de leur valeur ajoutée aujourd’hui.

Après un rapide tour d’horizon expliquant le contexte dans lequel se trouve la distribution sélective en France avec un focus sur la position que doit prendre ou peut prendre les multimarques aujourd’hui pour se réinventer, je rentrerai dans le détail de l’opération menée par les Galeries Lafayette et tenterai aussi d’ouvrir avec d’autres exemples et tentatives réalisées par d’autres acteurs du secteur. …

This will have taken the necessary time but at the end of 2017, I arrive at the point where all the actions that I have been able to carry out in my life, the people I’ve met, the experiences I have had, brought me closer to myself.I tend to become more aware of why I get up every morning as I found my reason of being.

Some will say find yourWHY. Certainly, but beyond finding it, I think it is necessary to actually feed your WHY, and that’s where I find the notion of Ikigai interesting. …

2017 taught me more on myself than ever. And when you realize a bit more who you are and why you do things thanks to experiences, you get more strength to go to the next level.

2017 was a wonderful year in terms of finding myself. I’ve realize that my super power is to empower people with energy for them to truly realize themselves and not live in the shoes of someone else. Find their true. The great thing is that now, I know how to make people grow but it also pointed out me and how I could grow.

Few months ago, I’ve invited participants of a conference for a dinner. I like to be grateful for the support I have during my journey and I think that food, dinners and gatherings are a great way to share love and say thank you. After the dinner, I went to have one more drink with one of the participant and she told me something that resonate now strongly in my heart and soul but sounded crazy at first : “ETHIPOP, is baby Laura. …

2017 is a year full of new challenges for ETHIPOP. My daily life is mainly about designers and fashion, even more than in 2016! Their designss, their identity, their development, their actions to capture the attention of the press, influencers …. Mostly, they are craftmen and even artists who concentrate on producing the best product for their community.

For us, the “businesswomen or businessmen”, which may seem obvious to us is not always for them. For some, selling one of their piece may be just as painful as a childbirth. …

Many people have difficulties understanding where we are heading right now. Before being my partner, Anaïs, stylist of Les Récupérables and artistic director of Ethipop, was my friend. She is my friend. We share strong values regarding the fashion industry and life in general. We have thought of who we were and what we wanted to do before launching a brand or starting an ethical fashion community.

Les Récupérables or Ethipop are channels to spread our messages and apply our vision: ethical fashion is fashion, the niche can become the norm if we work hard enough to push it through. We realized that what we are doing was bigger than us, more valuable than a brand or a shop or events, or pop-up stores: we are starting a movement that is part of the Fashion Revolution, to build our french point of view and have a say on the European Fashion Ethical Scene. …

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Two days ago, I was asked by Atelier Meraki co-founder, Cherif, to talk to 3 startups in order to help them dig into their problem and pitch. As a teacher (a part of my colorful life), I was happy to help as always. But it was also a great exercice for me to pitch Ethipop and see if, as clear as things are somethimes in my mind, was it also clear for people?

I met with Céline and Amandine from Hylla, 2 optitmistic co-founders eager to learn and taking part into the ethical fashion ecosystem with strong convictions and a fresh eye on the world. …


Laura Brown


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