Normie, Token Asian, Whitewashed
Tarsus Arciga

Thank you for this post. It resonnates with me in many ways. I now have some responsibility in the education of 2 guadeloupeans teenagers and your story helps me understand them better. I’ll be able to listen to them more accutely now, and so answer them more pointedly. That’s a big help. Thank you.

You might be different, or see yourself as different and that’s OK. And you’re smart, so you’ll be alright. You’ll find the right people to associate with and with them, you’ll find your way. I know the Midwest. It’s hard on people who are different. There are many places on our planet that are easier on people who want to be different.

You are blessed with Asian blood and cultural ties. Asia is the prominent continent of the 21st century. Global social and cultural innovation will come from there in the coming decades. And this will show very soon. If I were you, I’d try to get on that train. It’s not meant to be an advice, just food for thought.

Good luck !