It’s Time to Call Out Graham Linehan’s Ugly Transphobia
Alexa Ephemera

Wait, I think I might be missing something here… Linehan asks people not to use the term TERF, but he is the misogynist? How, exactly? He used the word “misogynistic”, which isn’t too far off the money; aren’t trans women classed as women too? He’s standing up for trans women, calling out the fact TERF is a term of exclusion, and he’s the bad guy? Okay, perhaps using “misogynistic” wasn’t the exact right word, but it’s meaning is clear: excluding trans women is denying their rights as women. Surely this is not a bad thing?

Now, I’m not saying Linehan is innocent of all charges, as I don’t know enough about him to say otherwise, but what you are doing here is pointing the finger at one man whilst permitting an entire group of people to carry on doing wrong. The fact you excuse it as “a factual description of their position” does not make them right. After all, Nazis, the KKK and ISIS are all organisations that exclude certain members of society, but would you gloss over them as off-handedly as this? By excusing Reilly-Cooper as “she is what she is”, you’re only weakening your own position. How am I supposed to take your stance seriously if you’re permitting the act of excluding trans women? You may not be a TERF yourself, but by dismissing it so casually, you are just as culpable.

But I suspect all this all stems from “that” episode of the IT Crowd…

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