LCSPA Statement on Riot’s Andy Dinh Ruling

LCS Players Association
2 min readJul 13, 2022

Today marks a milestone in the LCS: never before has an association of esports players called for an independent misconduct investigation, never before has a developer conducted such an investigation with collaboration from a PA, and never before have outcomes been imposed on a partner team that pointed towards real change to a toxic workplace.

This investigation was not conducted in secret nor was it adjudicated in a Twitlonger. Its findings are the result of months of collaborative work between those affected, the LCSPA, Riot, and independent investigators at an outside law firm. Every time the PA brought concerns or feedback to investigators or Riot, Riot listened. Both Riot and the independent investigators consistently acted on PA and participant feedback in ways that bolstered our confidence in the investigation process.

There have been a series of key action items set forth today:

  • Andy Dinh is on probation for the next two years across the Riot ecosystem, not just League of Legends.
  • For the first time ever, employees of an LCS organization will have a direct — and crucially, anonymous — line to an independent third party monitor to report instances of abusive conduct. In addition, all new hires must be made aware of the tipline and Dinh’s probation.
  • Riot will fine Dinh (with Riot donating that fine to a mental health/anti-bullying charity), and Dinh must undergo comprehensive sensitivity training by a verified and pre-approved third party.

The findings and associated consequences announced today have the potential to ensure a lasting impact on the workplace at TSM that will benefit all their players and staff. We are pleased to see strong action from Riot and the LCS team on this matter. With that said, the PA will remain vigilant to ensure follow-through on this ruling.

This ruling does more than affect TSM employees. Players and staff across the LCS now know there is a place to tell their stories safely, seek counsel, and earn better conditions in their workplaces.

If you are a victim of workplace misconduct, bullying, or harassment at an LCS team please contact the LCSPA to learn more about your options.



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