A man without borders
Paul Boag

I’m fascinated by and very much enjoyed your piece, although I strongly disagree now, as I have in the past and most probably will in the future. Here’s why. As a History, Gov’t and PoliSci professor, I can cite countless examples over the millennia where borders and a nation’s sovereignty provided pride and a national identity, which of course had its pros and cons. But if you’re right, then why buy a house, or become a property developer, for example. Would you want your properties trespassed without your permission or used by anyone for any reason? I could go on but your Open Borders viewpoint flies in the face of just your basic, human need to cultivate and control your own space, for the productive well-being of those you most care about. As Darwinian as that may sound, it’s no less true today than when our Jurassic ancestors first fought for control of their priceless caves.