5 Things It’s Okay To Lie To Your Significant Other About

We’ve all told them haven’t we, those little porky-pies (lies) to our significant other. I mean you not me, I haven’t. I was brought up to be respectful, truthful and honest ;)

Certainly, there are times when I’ve had to be a little economical with the truth, a little diplomatic for the greater good. But lies, tut-tut, never let it be said. With that in mind, here are five topics being a little diplomatic and economical about when the need arises, might just keep you out of the proverbial.

1. You’re Not Wild About Their Friends

Some couples seem to be able to live in each other’s pockets from day one. Most of us, though, still need and want to maintain contact with our circle of close friends. If your new found partner appears to need your approval about his or her friendships — be diplomatic. It may well be that they’re concerned about how you feel about them as a person. Don’t try to push him/her into giving up the friends they have had for years. While you may not particularly like some of them, lie a little, give them the benefit of the doubt, at least in the early days.

2. Your Periodical Facebook Stalking Of The Ex

We all think about them don’t we? The ex who was going to be the love of our lives, but wasn’t. Curiosity might kill the cat, but don’t let it ruin an otherwise healthy relationship. If you have a sneaky peek at an old flame’s profile just to make sure they’re not as happy as you, best keep it to yourself.

3. The Occasional Spending Spree

Telling your new significant other that the sporty monster she loves being seen out in costs you a fortune to keep on the road, or your latest pair of trainers, jeans or jacket cost the best part of 150 quid, could backfire. It’s ok to not divulge exactly how much a new handbag cost (or even denying all existence of said bag and hiding it at the back of the wardrobe), because disagreements about money are common, especially if down the line you share a bank account. Petty arguments about money are best avoided, but hiding lots of spending sprees is probably not healthy, so there is a fine line.

4. That Too-Snug Piece Of Clothing

We’ve all been there, tried on a new bought-online shirt or dress — it looks good, maybe just a little tight here and there, but hey. Saying the bulges won’t notice when they’ve got their jacket on isn’t going to earn you many brownie points. Being a little subtle, mentioning the little-bit-tight dress would go well with that jacket you like, or that it’s cold outside and to add a sweater is a nicer way to save your SO’s feelings.

5. Pillow Talk For Fragile Sexual Egos

Have a care, especially if you’ve been out for a few drinks beforehand. Comments like ’are you in yet,’ or ‘I had to use extra lube with my ex,’ aren’t conducive to forming a lasting, mutually satisfying physical relationship. Fragile sexual egos need to be flattered, but that said, fake orgasms are a big no-no. After all, we’ve all seen When Harry met Sally.

What lies do you think it’s ok to tell your partner? Do you think it’s ok to lie, or do you think you should be straight-up honest about everything when you’re in a relationship?