Two days later:
Tamyka Bell

I’m really happy about this article. As a surfer, it’s something I notice all the time in surf magazines, and representation — men are lauded for their ability and women for their bodies.

As a surfer, I’m a little annoyed with the comments about the new image posted (since changed): that the girl surfer is just “standing there” and “looks bored”. It’s a little harder than that, and believe me it’s not boring to be riding a wave like that ;) It’s a beautiful image of a longboarder gliding gracefully through a wave. Longboarding and shortboarding are two different surfing styles, and both should be appreciated. (I could go on about this…) Often shortboarding is more valued in surfing overall (and more visible) because that is what most people compete in, but it’s not necessarily “better” or representative of how a lot of people surf! Check out longboarders Brooke Carlson, Tutti Nieves on Instagram and the Seea account (women’s surf gear) for some gorgeous examples.

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