The Power Of ‘One More Flirt’

Hey guys, a quick tip for those of you who maybe sometimes struggle to muster up the courage to speak to girls in a nightclub.

Maybe you’ve just got in the club and you’re not feeling in a social mood. Maybe someone was rude to you and it’s ruined your confidence.

It happened to me twice at the weekend. Both days I went out on my own — and I was feeling a bit silly, like everyone who was there with friends was better than me — and I didn’t really want to be there.

But whenever this happens — after hitting on that first girl — something seems to wash over me.

Seriously, never underestimate the power of ‘one more flirt’.

Either it goes well and you get the confidence from that — or she turns out to be dismissive/uninterested and it motivates you to have more of a fun time than her.

The key is to find something funny about your attempts. A bit of banter. A silly comment. Anything that makes you laugh…

I found it only takes that one half-decent interaction and you’re away, so just get that first set out the way as soon as possible.

Soon enough, you’ll be having too much to remember what was worrying you…

I’ve put together a free downloadable PDF all about bring fearless when approaching women.

It features:
 * a list of attitude shifts to help eliminate your fear
* ideas for what to say to a girl you just met
* some tricks to keep a conversation going…and much more.

Get it now at

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