Can Lean Also Improve Your Life?

Whilst sitting in a conference recently, I was listening to a young 28yr old author speak about improving our personal productivity. This is a topic we all have aimed to achieve, but seldom have we achieved this due to problems, workload and other work related issues that are often outside of our direct control. So could this young guy that has never held a position within a company that would really prove his theories?

I bought the book, and trialed some the interesting suggestions within the book. To be honest, not one of the suggestions worked! Every time, pressures of work, problems and other work related issues consumed me and made it impossible to maintain routines.

However, even if this experiment failed, I was still intrigued, could a method of work and life be combined to make me both more effective at work whilst maintain a balanced health and life?

For years now I have been in senior management with responsibility over many people in multiple international locations. My experience and work life is like many others within corporations, where dedication, loyalty and career was often put ahead of family, friends, life and health. It wasn’t until I ended up in hospital with kidney issues caused by work. Whilst sat in hospital with only my thoughts for company, I reflected on what I was doing, where I was going and how could I change?

It was watching interviews with a famous Indian Guru on YouTube that first provided the first answers… what was really important in life? His answers to interview questions were really simple, but very effective,

Q. I would like to reach a state of happiness, enrichment and wellness, how do I achieve this?

A. Go home and sleep, in the morning wake up, look at your family and say to yourself that you and your family are alive, today is a good day… do this every day and you will focus on what you have and what is important.

Q. You are juggling 4 balls, Work, Love, Health, and life… how do I keep them up in the air at the same time? its impossible!

A. Yes its impossible! so why destroy your happiness and life trying to achieve something that will not always be possible to achieve! Just understand which ball can be dropped, but will always bounce back… Work. Its the only one that you can really afford to lose and always find another (and sometimes better).

Like many people, work was consuming and made it difficult to prioritise the important things in life… and look now, I am in hospital!!!

So how do I change? I am not religious, I cant meditate and I dont believe in spiritual healing… I am an Engineer that has lived life by playing and working hard! Whatever I do must adapt to my interests, my loves, my passions, my health and then my work. Only something that is me, will work for me, trying to change my life and do what works for a 28yr old author or 65yr old guru will not be sustainable.

And that gave me my answer, in 20years of being a lean expert, how did I achieve sustainability and improve?

The base of lean… KAMISHABAI, KAIZEN & KANRI!

But can Lean Work?

My next blogg exlpores the answer to this question… read this next blogg and follow my journey in improving productivity whilst remaining focuses on the important things in life.

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