Club Contest — 3/2/16


Our Club Contest was headed by Antonio Baclig! He explained to us that the winners will go to the Area contest. The winners for the Area Contest will go to the District Contest. The winners for the District Contest will go to the Division Contest. Finally, the winners of the Division Contest will go on to further other contests.

Chief Judge — Trevor was the chief judge and explained the rules for the judges to follow.

Shima was the sergeant of arms and handled the timing with Daisy.

Table Topics Contest — The question was if you won the Oscars and had the stage to speak about whatever you wanted during your acceptance speech, what would it be? For example, Leonardo DiCaprio talked about climate change being the most urgent threat facing our species. You would speak about what?

1. Kiran — spoke about how people need to see further down the road/future.

2. Arut — spoke about climate change also.

3. Sofya — spoke about tolerance.

4. Kartik — spoke about the accumulation effect and how so many people doing small things accumulate and can make an impact.

5. Prem — spoke about the environment also.

6. James — reflected on his life at work and how to control oneself and not sabotage oneself. Always treat others with a positive energy.

7. Vidya — spoke about always being awake. People need to wake up.

2. International Speech Contest –

Speakers -

Vidya Patil — spoke about a speech she wrote called “What if”. She gave an inspirational speech and gave examples of hardships of Michael Jordan, Oprah, Disney and Einstein. She spoke about how they excelled in their lives.

Mandeep- Spoke passionately about his strong grandmother who is 92 years old.

Winners of the Table Topics Contest were -

1. Vidya

2. Kartik

3. Kiran

Winners of the International Speech contest were:

1. Mandeep

2. Vidya

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