2016 Ford FIESTA Upgrade LED Fog Light

I see some clients buy 1156 led bulbs with “CREE chips” from Ebay or Aliexpress to modify their Ford FIEST. The led bulbs are sold by very good prices. But after installation, clients meet problems in a short time using, maybe the bulbs are burnt out and hurt the plastic lamp together, which make the client be very angry and dare not to change their car light, especially modify led bulbs. As we know, most of clients can’t DIY to replace their car light have to ask repair store for helping with payment. If the bulbs are burnt out in short time using, they will be forced to ask the replace the bulbs again, that means they will have to pay double times but get nothing, which is unacceptable. So although as the seller, you say you have a very good after sale service and will offer several years replacement warranty for your clients to replace their broken bulbs. But for your clients, their lost is not just the money of bulbs but also the money for modification. All in all, clients have terrible experience and just agree to replace the original halogen light only. Halogen bulb is not so good but safe. And you will lose your clients and hard to get their faith back.

Actually, we can know the burnt-out reasons are (1) bulbs don’t have constant current IC and are designed for 13.5V using only. But on really working, the vehicle will offer 16V or the highest 18V surge Voltage, the bulbs can’t stand the high current from surge voltage. (2) Fake CREE chips. In China market we will meet many fake CREE chips. If the bulbs don’t have constant current IC, it can only stand the high current by himself component quality. Good quality component can keep working under high temperature. But low quality bead chips will burn out easily. That is why some clients meet problem in a week using.

If we want to solve this problem. Constant current IC driver and true CREE bead chips are both necessary. See this Ford FIESTA with X-Bright CREE high power led bulbs. The Pure white fog light could reach 720 lumen on stable working, which is three times brighter than the factory yellow bulbs. The lighting from CREE LED bulbs is reflected by projector and emitted with clear cut-off line. At the nighttime, it can be used together with low beam headlight too. These True CREE LED bulbs are design with imported constant current IC driver which can stand over 18V surge voltage. We will promise you that it won’t burn out and the defective rate will be lower 1% .

There are many bulbs with similar appearance on the market but definitely have a total different performance on really working. Not only on defective rate, but also the brightness, fake CREE chips will have a quickly lighting decay after a short time using and will be eye-can-see dimmed.Cree bead chips are expensive, take CREE XBD as example, it is sold by nearly 0.5 USD per chip from Cree China Official directly. If you find a led bulb with over 10 pcs of CREE bead chips but less 5 dollar, they must be fake CREE chips.

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