Changan EADO LED Side Marker Light Upgrade

Side marker light is very important when it comes to safety so it’s good idea to invest in a set of LED side marker light which looks great and bump up your car’s safety as well. This T10 wedge bulb is everything that an LED light is acclaimed for and more, including extreme brightness, long life span, and a compatibility list with tons of vehicles.

The Tough 2835 SMD T10 LED bulb has 3 pieces of emitters with 3 high lumen 2835 bead chips on each side so that makes the output extremely bright. This Changan EADO show just how bright these LED side marker light are. People might think making a car unique takes a lot of time, skill, and money with lots of retrofit installation, but that isn’t that case. Changing a pair of side marker led light on the Changan EADO only involves the swapping of some bulbs to trans form it with a world of difference. You just need to find a suitable size led bulbs to replace the stock one. Fortunately, LEDO 2835 SMD T10 wedge led bulb have a same bulb size with the Changan EADO stock bulb and it can be just plugged and played.

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