Cadillac XTS Upgrading Furiou 8 LED Accent Light

New LED Accent light kit installed on Cadillac XTS. LED accent light has been proved to show on the movie Furious 8. So recently we modify many cars and prepare for the hot time coming. We believe led accent light will be so hot in next year and many people will be interested in this item.

LED accent lights actually consist of some flexible led strip lights. The key point on installation is how to connect the lights with power and how to hide the wires. Don’t like other automotive led products with small size and high brightness, LED strip lights has low lumen output and enough size for heat conductive. So it is much stable and won’t burn easily. Like the RGB LED strip light we are using now, our supplier offer us 2 years warranty, temperately see no defective products appear now.

After installation, we can see this Cadillac XTS looks upgrading and definitely awesome, a luxury sedan is spiced up and being a little romantic, this is just a conserve modification, actually we can make it more assertive, besides, we are developing a APP to control the led accent light, which will be funny and amazing. If you are interested in, welcome to contact.

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