Chevrolet Cruze License Plate LED Logo Projector Light Kit

Normally while people mention logo projector light, we will thought that is the door light for accent decoration. But today we will see another logo projector light installed on the license plate light. This is a new design on the market. We can see from the pictures. The led logo projector light is installed on the license plate light and will light with a Chevrolet logo on the rear ground. Compared to the old logo projector light, this one will be much awesome and make you be unique on the street.

But the installation will be a little complicated, as we know, the stock bulbs on license plate light usually are T10 base bulb or festoon bulb, which are simple bulbs and can’t be designed with projector function. So we will pop off the full wires and lamp of the license plate light; install the new led logo projector light kit.

Complicated install process but pretty looking, I still think it is worth to try.

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