Simple Modified Backup Reverse Lighting on Chevrolet AVEO

Do you ever consider to upgrade the reverse light? I see a post on the Chevrolet AVEO Forum discussing this question. As Chevrolet AVEO only has one rear reverse light, it seems that the factory yellow reverse bulbs is not bright enough to work at nighttime.

Some guys suggest to turn on the rear fog light while parking and that would be absolutely helpful. Some guys suggest to install a reversing camera. But actually, upgrading the reverse bulbs could be the easiest way to solve this problem. For Chevrolet AVEO, we can take out the rear lamp to replace the factory halogen bulbs and install a LED lights to improve the lumen. Please notice that the led bulb we selected for our car reverse light should be no projector. Because the projector will focus the lighting and make it reflect on a range of angel with brighter lumen. But there is only one rear reverse light on AVEO, we need to make the lighting be wider so that we can be clear vision on the side without reverse light.

Here is my upgrading on reverse light for your reference. After modification, the brightness could reach over double times than the factory yellow bulb.