Hello World! LED is live!

What we do for a living is important. However the nature of work i.e. job is continuously changing rapidly. There are more career paths, companies, roles than ever before. No longer does one need to stay in cookie cutter jobs and crawl up the corporate ladder. More importantly, employers are acknowledging the value of diverse experiences and non traditional career paths.

Time and again we’ve felt the need to explore what else is out there. So we started LED, which stands for Learn Educate Discover. We interview professionals from different walks of life. We ask them about their journey, motivations, day to day, frustrations, and goals.

LED is about helping people realize their full potential. It’s about believing that each of us can do great things in life — and finding that thing that you love (or could love), is a part of it.

LED is our labor of love. We hope you enjoy it. Please send us your feedback, comments, and questions. We’re listening and promise a response :)

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With Love,

Founder Learn Educate Discover— Sonali Mangal (Twitter | LinkedIn)