PODCAST — On Film Production with Founder of Award Winning Film Production company, Ekstasy

Our latest podcast, podcast #10 is out! Mini milestone for Team LED — woot woot! :)

In this episode, we get into a deep conversation with Mike Saraswat, Founder and Film Producer at Award Winning Film Production company, Ekstasy, with clients such as Samsung, 3M, Mazda, etc. Apart from delving into the film production industry and what you do as a film producer, we also dive deep into the creative process and how it’s important to love what you do and keep going.

Here are some of the areas covered in the podcast. Of course, we recommend listening to the whole thing to derive maximum benefit!

  1. Importance of being an “introverted extrovert” for a creative (9:10)
  2. Be your own fan (12:20)
  3. Importance of failure in the creative process (17:15)
  4. Working with the worst case scenario and PPH rule (19:40)
  5. Why you should not have a role model (26:90)
  6. How Film brings many Arts together (30:00)
  7. What is film and film production (31:40)
  8. The role of a film producer (47:00)
  9. Sample “project” and challenges you might run into (56:40)
  10. Pitching your business (1:05:00)
  11. What kind of person will enjoy being a film producer (1:10:00)

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Here are some snippets from the podcast to give you an idea of what to expect:

The role of a film producer

Stressful situations faced by film producers — real life example

Here are some of the resources and people mentioned by Mike during the podcast:

You’re only as good as your body of work

Elon Musk

Napoleon Hill

Dale Carnegie

Richard Branson

How Sylvester Stallone kept trying until he could star as Rocky