Shower thoughts about Mars

Jarosite in the Noctis Labyrinthus Region of Mars. Picture courtesy of NASA.
  • Time on Mars will be in someway synced with the Earth’s GMT.
  • There could be people (homo sapiens) born on Mars who may never set foot on Earth.
  • A Martian calendar might just be an extension of the Gregorian calendar with the names of the first astronauts and people added to the extra months that will be needed to accommodate the extra long years.
  • There could be 24 months in a year on Mars. Or 12 months with 50–60 days in them.
  • Dog will be the first animal to be taken along as a pet and help. They will also be selectively bred to adapt to the Martian atmosphere. Huskies will probably make it!
  • Since we are at liberty to take animals along, there may be no predators on venomous animals or plants on Mars at all — for some time. Then some research might prove that it would be advantageous to have a few snakes and scorpions.
  • Cockroaches and other insects will creep their way into Mars through clothes, food, and other luggage.
  • Mars may resemble Antarctica for a long time before families and small colonies start building up.
  • Colonies on Mars will be those of the US, Europe, Russia, India, and China.
  • Rather than odd shapes, Mars will be divided into hemispheres, quadrospheres, and octospheres. This way all colonies will have equal access to the poles and the equator.
  • English would most probably be the official language of the planet, for some time. Each colony would try and impose its own language and culture.
  • There is no logical reason to carry a gun to Mars (anywhere in general). But, the first one to do so will surely reasons related to the Earth.
  • Wars on Mars could be fought on Earth.
  • Wars on Mars will be fought with Drones and other UAVs. AI will play a huge role in Martian Wars.
  • The first religious cult to start on Mars will assume Elon Musk as their spiritual leader. Actually, he could have a month named after him.
  • Service industry will be the first one to be setup on Mars.
  • Prostitution might actually be the first profession on Mars.
  • As colonies start digging the Martian surface, those ones to find something underneath will prosper. The rest will either lose to wars or invest in human resources.
  • Either the American Dollar or some new currency will be used on Mars.
  • The first disease on Mars will be Earth-related and could probably be easily cured.
  • The first person to die on Mars will very probably be born on Earth. As of 2016, he or she is probably currently alive!
  • Business backed ventures will beat any government backed Martian excursions.
  • First people on Mars will be extroverts. Or.. daring introverted scientists.
  • The first few handpicked people on Mars will be genetically rich and diverse.
  • Communication on Mars will either be via Radio or Satellite based.
  • Soon there will be a day when communication and geo satellites will be launched from the Earth to orbit Mars.
  • The Mars rover will be displayed in the national Martian museum.
  • Museums on Mars might have stolen artifacts from Earth.
  • The trial for the first crime on Mars may happen on Earth.
  • Most city names on Mars will have a “New” in front of them.
  • If all lifeforms were to go extinct on Earth — Martians would have no reason to believe in the theory of evolution.
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