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My one minute film has three particular sections that has to be brought to attention, the opening, the full turn and the ending. What was used as the recording device was a Samsung Galaxy S5 as I was able to change the quality to what suited best along with a great sound recorder which is core to making the film. The film is using POV (point of view) to express the experience as if viewer were in the film to actually be the character.

Choice of what to do and reasoning was difficult as it had to meaningful towards a solid reason and unlike Enter the Void (Noe, 2010) which showed a reflection in the bathroom, I decided to step outside of the building after waking up instead of washing up. This along with the three important sections, shares a particular goal as said in the film twice, “let’s get out of here” expressing that the character wants to leave the area and go towards the outside. The “outside” is expressed as freedom towards a large open space as how architecture has been used to build the particular kind of space.

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