You’ve created a story on Medium. What’s next?

Alright, so you’ve published your frist post on Medium, and you’re ready for results right? Wrong. Patience, patience, patience, patience. Or; Punt the system.

Here’s a list of people who tried, and didn’t succeed at first:

Thomas Edison’s teachers told him he was “too stupid to learn anything.”

After that, things stayed bleak for a while, as Edison went onto be fired from his first two jobs, for not being suitably productive.
Edison went on to hold more than 1,000 patents and invented some world-changing devices, like the phonograph, practical electrical lamp, and a movie camera.

As a child, Albert Einstein had some difficulty communicating and learning in a traditional manner.

Of course, Einstein’s communication and behavioral problems were not indicative of a lack of intelligence. He went on to win the Nobel prize in physics for the discovery ofthe photoelectric effect, and his special theory of relativity theory corrected the deficiencies of Newtonian physics.

Charles Darwin was considered an average student. He gave up on a career in medicine and was going to school to become a parson.

But as Darwin studied nature, he found his true calling and traveled the world to uncover nature’s mysteries. His writings, especially “On the Origin of Species,” fundamentally changed the world of science by spreading the discovery of evolution.


You’ve read that right. Look, most of the people we look up to, and deem “successful”, punted the system. If one person can do it, it just means someone else can also achieve it. There are no rules.