5 Best Electric Skateboards To Look For in 2017

This article originally appeared on LEVRevolution.com

It’s 2017 and the electric skateboards of the world are alive and well! There are new brands launching every month and many more seeking funding through crowd-sourced platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

The influx of new brands will surely effect the marketplace in the coming year or two, but for now, many of the brands you’ve come to trust over the past few years still remain on top.

For this list of the 5 best electric skateboards in 2017, we will solely be considering electric street boards, i.e., not all-terrain boards.

We’ve based our decision to include a specific electric skateboard on our own experiences, user reports, and journalistic reviews.

Let’s dive in!

Boosted Board 2nd Gen Dual+

Price: $1499

Boosted Board is by far the most well known name in the electric skateboard market, and for good reason.

In the early days of the marketplace, filled with shady companies selling crappy products, Boosted quickly differentiated themselves as a legitimate company with excellent customer service. Despite a few setbacks, they’ve maintained their reputation as a company that cares about their customers.

Their most impressive electric skateboard is the 2nd Generation Dual +. This board has two motors with a combined 2000W of power. It’s capable of hitting speeds of 22 mph, with a range of 7 miles (12 with extended battery), and climbing hills with a 25% grade. It also includes regenerative braking, mobile app, and a flexible bamboo deck.

These electric skateboards are built with care and made to last.

Inboard M1

Price: $1399

While Inboard and Boosted are similar in many ways, they are complete opposites in others. Where the Boosted Board offers a flexible deck akin to the typical longboard, Inboard offers a stiff deck for stability at high speeds. The feel is completely different.

The Inboard M1 has a max speed of 22 mph and range per charge of 7–10 miles. The board weighs 14.5 lbs., but that weight does not include the battery.

The M1 electric skateboard features regenerative braking, mobile app, and three different riding modes for beginners, intermediates, and advanced riders.

While there has been some minor griping on Reddit about Inboard slightly exaggerating their claims a tad, the overwhelming consensus is that the board is awesome, albeit a little overpriced.

Evolve Carbon GT

Price: $1959

The Evolve Carbon GT, now available for pre-order, is a sleek, all-black board that looks like something Batman would ride.

The Carbon GT electric skateboard contains 3000W of power and has a top speed of 22–26 mph and a range per charge of 31 miles! This is the longest range we’ve seen in any competitive board on the market.

The deck is unique, composed of high-grade custom molded carbon fiber and Kevlar, and the trucks are black GT Super carve.

This board also features regenerative braking and four different riding modes to choose from.

The obvious downside is the price, but if you have the cash, an Evolve electric skateboard is totally worth it.

Acton Blink S2

Price: $999

Acton is somewhat of a sleeper hit. They’ve been around for a while but have continued to grow their fan base to an ever-larger size.

The Acton Blink S2 is lighter and smaller than the last three electric skateboards featured on this list, weighing only 12 lbs.

The board has 2 hub motors containing a 1000W of power. It can reach speeds of 18 mph and has a range of 14 mph.

The smaller deck may be a turn-off for some who prefer the true longboard feel, but it ride’s great and makes for easier carrying.

Plus, it’s a few hundred bucks cheaper than Boosted and Inboard.

Yuneec E-Go 2

Price: $699

With the first Yuneec E-Go electric skateboard, Yuneec established themselves as the affordable alternative to the more expensive boards like Boosted, Inboard, and Evolve. With the E-Go 2 they successfully carry on that tradition while improving upon their first generation board.

The Yuneec E-Go 2 has a max speed of 12 miles and range of 18 miles. It can hit hills with a 10% gradient and has regenerative braking.

The electric skateboard is available in three colors: royal wave, cool mint, and hot pink.

If you’re looking for a great electric skateboard for way under 1000 bucks, this is the board for you.