5 Hoverboard Companies That You Can Trust in 2017

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If you jump in your Way Back Machine and travel to last Christmas, you’ll remember that hoverboards were 2015’s hot gift of the year. You’ll also probably recall the scandal that followed the product’s meteoric rise in popularity. There were a few instances of hoverboards catching fire in people’s homes. Yikes!

All of the hazardous hoverboards were traced back to one battery factory in China. Since then, all hoverboards are required to receive UL certification before hitting shelves, meaning that every hoverboard has been inspected and deemed safe.

A result of last year’s fire scandal was that many hoverboard companies had to issue massive recalls and went bankrupt. A new collection of companies then came into being, filling the market void.

As many of these companies are new, questions exist about the quality of their products. To help you understand the hoverboard marketplace, join us on a brief tour of the top 5 hoverboard companies that you can trust in 2017!

Hoverboard Companies


Price: $699 (Amazon)

The EPIKGO hoverboard can be purchased online via Amazon. The company does not have a website of their own.

Since the product launched, they’ve received lots of applause from independent tech reviewers and have been ranked #1 on many top hoverboard lists across the web (including this one!).

The EPIKGO hoverboard has 400 W dual motors capable of climbing 18-degree hill grades. The board reaches speeds of 10 mph and has a range per charge of over an hour.

It’s also sturdily built and made to last, with all rubber tires and a 30% bigger frame than any other competitor.

EPIKGO is one solid feat of engineering.

Segway miniPro

Price: $789.99 (Amazon)

The Segway miniPro is made by, you guessed it, the people who make the Segway! The miniPro looks a lot like a Segway, minus the handlebars, plus the addition of a small seat that can be used or stood over as one rides.

With a max speed of 10 mph and a range per charge of 14 miles, the miniPro falls in line with other top players in the field. It has a charge time of 4 hours and max power of 800 x 2 W, making it one powerful machine.

The major advantage that the miniPro has over some other hoverboards is that it is made by Segway, a company that has been around for a while and you can trust. You don’t need to worry about not receiving your money back if you choose to return the board. Segway isn’t going anywhere.

Razor HoverTrax

Price: $349.99 (Amazon)

The HoverTrax 2.0, made by the good people at Razor, is an affordable alternative for people who don’t want to spend five to seven hundred bucks.

Razor sells their products through various third party retailers including: Wal-mart, Amazon, and Target.

Razor, like Segway, have been around for a long time. The comforts of purchasing through a trusted brand cannot be overstated, especially given the past of history of the hoverboard industry.

While the max speed is only 8 mph — compared to most boards, which are 10 mph — the loss of 2 mph is correlative to the lower price. The range per charge is 60 minutes.

The Hovertrax, while sturdy and built by a trusted brand, definitely lacks the bells and whistles of the higher priced products, such as Bluetooth speakers and thicker wheels for all-terrain.


Price: $299

The leader in the world of hoverboard companies, the Swagtron T1 and T3 were both hits when they first came on the market. They’ve recently released the T5, which is sure to be a success as well.

Although the T5 only has a max speed of 7 mph and range of 7 miles, for 300 bucks, that’s definitely not bad. Plus, it’s a super light board, weighing in at only 18 lbs.

The T5, like all of the boards on the list, is UL 2722 certified.


Price: $1499

Airwheel sells a variety of scooter products. While their self-balance series is similar to the Segway miniPro in structure and shape, it’s their twin-wheel series that has us excited.

Their two-wheel series hoverboards are unlike anything else on the market. The design is two large wheels directly positioned side by side with the footpads on the outside of the wheels. Pretty cool!

The Q3 hoverboard has a max speed of 18 km and charge time of 90–250 minutes.

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