7 Best Electric Skateboards on Amazon

This article originally appeared on LEVRevolution.com

Over the past couple of months we’ve received about a dozen emails asking the same question, “What are the best electric skateboards on Amazon?”

So, to appease our beloved and devoted audience of readers, we got our editorial team together and discussed the matter.

We didn’t get too scientific. Instead we simply spent a few hours browsing through Amazon, seeing which brands distributed through the platform and used our common sense and experience to determine which electric skateboards, of the brands sold on Amazon, were top tier boards.

Of all the electric skateboards sold on Amazon, many of which are Chinese-manufactured crap, we narrowed down our list to 7 brands we all agreed were worthy of recommendation.

The 7 electric skateboards we chose are listed below in no particular order. It’d be a fruitless enterprise comparing a $1500 Boosted Board to a $250 Blink Lite board as they were designed for different intents. But, nevertheless, what this gives you is a collection of electric skateboards sold on Amazon that are legitimate, tested, and in our opinion, a good board for the price.

We hope this little list helps you determine the best electric skateboard on Amazon.

Boosted 2nd Generation Dual + Electric Skateboard

Price: $1499

No list of best electric skateboards would be complete without mentioning Boosted Board. For those of you new to electric skateboarding, Boosted is the most trusted name in the business. While there’s certainly room for debate over whether or not they are the best board available for the price, no one can deny that they are a legitimate company offering great product paired with outstanding customer service.

Even after experiencing a minor scandal in which water entered their battery compartments and caused some smoking issues, Boosted’s legion of supporters stuck by them. This is in thanks to Boosted’s transparency and well handling of the issue from a customer service perspective.

The Dual + has a max speed of 22 mph, range of 7 mph, and can tackle hills with a 25% grade. If you’ve got the cash, you can rest assured you’re getting a top of the line product.

Atom Electric B.36 Longboard

Price: $899

While Atom electric longboards is a slightly lesser known name in the electric skateboard world, they’ve been slowly gaining a base of ardent supporters.

Priced at $600 less than Boosted, this board is a great alternative. It’s got a sleek looking bamboo / maple deck with jet-black wheels.

This board has an 1800W motor capable of reaching speeds of 18 mph for 12–13 miles per charge. It can scale hills with a 15% grade and also features regenerative breaking.

For the price, this electric skateboard offers a lot.

Yuneec E-GO2 Electric Longboard

Price: $358.99

Ever since the first generation Yuneec E-Go, the company has established themselves as the best of the cheap boards. They’ve earned a reputation as a trustworthy product that while lacking many of the bells and whistles of their premium competitors nevertheless delivers on what they promise.

The Yuneec E-GO2 has a max speed of 12.5 miles with a range per charge up to 18 miles.

The Yuneec also includes a mobile app for choosing between riding modes (of which there are two). The remote has also been praised for it’s simple design.

For the price, you can’t really do much better.

Xtreme Free 1500w Electric Skateboard

Price: starting at $550

The Xtreme Free 1500W electric skateboard is only available on Amazon via third party sellers. Currently, the cheapest available Xtreme board is priced at $550. This is a pretty great price considering the speed and range of the board, which are 19.5 mph and 18.6 m, respectively.

A 1500W motor powers the board. The motor contains a belt-driven system and the company provides you with two replacement belts when purchased.

The li-ion battery charges in 2 hours.

Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard

Price: $1399

Along with Boosted Board, the Inboard M1 sits among the best electric skateboards on the market. The only downside is the price.

The Inboard M1 has a max speed of 22 mph, range of 7 miles, and 15% hill grade capabilities, similar to Boosted. The board also has 4 riding modes for various skill levels, regenerative breaking, LED lights, and the ability to swap batteries for extended range life.

One feature of the Inboard M1 to be aware of is its deck. Unlike Boosted, which has a flexible bamboo deck, similar to your typical non-electric longboard, the Inboard M1 has a much stiffer deck made from wood core composite. While the stiffness won’t give you that loose longboard feel, it’s much safer for traveling at high speeds, as you won’t get the wobbles.

Acton Blink Lite

Price: $249

Acton is another long-established and well-trusted name in the electric skateboard world. Their main board, the Blink S2 is constantly featured on lists of best electric skateboards and has a devoted fan base as witnessed on Reddit and other community platforms.

The Blink Lite is, as the name suggests, their economy model. So while the Acton Blink Lite may not have the heft and features of the Blink S, for the price, it might be just what you’re looking for, especially if you’re just starting out.

The Blink Lite has a max speed of 10 mph and a range per charge of 5 miles. The board also features LED lights, regenerative breaking, and a smartphone app for tracking routes and logging miles etc.

The board’s most stand-out feature is it’s light weight, coming in at only 7.7 lbs, making this board a perfect last-mile commuting vehicle, given how easy it would be to take this board on a train or bus.

Genesis Tomahawk Electric Skateboard

Price: $499

If you’re looking for an electric skateboard under $500, but still want the full-sized longboard deck (unlike Yuneec and the Blink Lite), then the Genesis Tomahawk may be the board you seek.

While the Genesis boards are super basic and don’t include many extra features, such as LEDs, it does have respectable speed and range capabilities, 20 mph and 20 miles.

The li-ion batteries that power it can be charged in 2.5 hours.