Epic Trick Tips: Electric Longboard Dancing Maneuvers

This article originally appeared on LEVRevolution.com

Electric longboarding is a multifaceted discipline with endless possibilities that is constantly evolving. While everyone is familiar with racing, downhill, and basic street skating tricks, not many people are aware of a new style that’s erupting onto the scene and capturing the hearts and minds of young riders the world over. This new style is called electric longboard dancing.

There are no rules in electric longboard dancing. This openness fosters creativity and stylistic expression as few other riding styles do. Longboard dancing’s popularity has been growing at an exponential rate, especially in Europe, as seen in countless YouTube videos of people performing their dancing maneuvers and tricks.

Unlike typical street style skating, in longboard dancing the emphasis is less on trick technicalities and more on style, showmanship, and unique combinations of maneuvers. The best part of dancing is that all you need is a board, a body, and some flat open land (no need to build an expensive ramp here!).

According to Thought Co., “Dancing is the term made up by Adam Colton and Adam Stokowski, two avid longboarders who combined elements of freestyle skateboarding, surfing, dance and whatever else they found lying around into a new creative form of riding a longboard.”

The dancing style is clearly influenced by surfing, as seen in tricks like walking the plank, but it’s also reminiscent of flatland skateboarding as pioneered by legendary skater Rodney Mullen.

Now, let’s get to the fun stuff.

Electric Longboard Dancing Tricks

Walk the Plank

Walking the Plank is one of the easiest electric longboard dance moves. As such, it’s a great place to start for the novice dancer.

This simple trick is derived from surfing culture where surfers would walk up and down their board while shredding a wave. The trick is the same on an electric longboard. When riding, simply walk up and down the length of your deck, doing so in a smooth and stylistic manner.

This trick can be combined with other maneuvers, such as cross stepping (discussed later in article), to enhance its visual appeal.

Chop the Wood

Another basic dancing maneuver called chopping the wood is a great second trick to learn. This trick requires a little more balance than walking the plank.

To chop the wood, you basically just hop to one side of the board and extend a leg outwards, off the board and into the air, before bringing both feet back to the deck. When you extend your leg, this will cause the board to slightly turn. By repeating this maneuver while carving you can create a pretty sick looking demonstration.

This trick is also useful for kicking obstructions out of the way while riding.

The Lookback

The lookback is a nifty little trick that’ll be sure to impress your friends.

To nail this trick, first shift your body so you’re riding at a backwards angle. You then step off the front of your board with your back foot before pulling the board back towards you. As the longboard comes back to you via your pull, simply bring both feet back onto the deck, turn frontwards and ride away clean.

Combining this trick with cross stepping and walking the plank can lead to some pretty interesting combinations and visual effects.

The Shanker

Now we’re getting into some of the more complicated tricks.

The shanker is a nollie combined with a 180-degree body spin. That’s it!

To learn this trick you should first learn how to nollie, which is the same as an Ollie except instead of having your feet positioned on the tailside, you begin with your feet positioned on the noseside, reversing the role your feet play in the maneuver.

To do the shanker, you simply pop your board with a nollie and then spin your body 180-degrees before the board lands.

Spin Big

The spin big is similar to the old skateboarding trick known as a big spin.

This trick entails the rider beginning in a nollie setup. From that position you then pop the board, spinning it 180-degrees. While the board performs its spin, you rotate your body above it 360-degrees. So in short, your board does a half spin and your body does a full spin.

You can perform multiple spin bigs in a row, which creates a tornado of awesomeness.

Tiger Claw

The tiger claw is probably the most complicated longboard dancing trick on this list. This trick will require you to use your hands in addition to your feet!

To perform this trick, you’ll step off the board heelside with your front foot. Next you’ll pop the board and catch it toeside with your front hand. Lastly, you’ll then spin the board 360-degrees with your hand before hopping back onto the board and riding away like the greatest champion on Earth.

Cross Step

Cross stepping is one of the most versatile electric longboard dancing maneuvers. You can easily combine this trick with almost any other dancing trick to dazzling effects.

To cross step, simply walk forward and backward across your deck while crossing your legs. This trick is all about style, flow, and looking as badass as you possibly can.


The last trick on our list of electric longboard dancing maneuvers is called the G-Turn.

This trick is a great way to turn around on your electric longboard without having to place a foot on the ground or lose speed.

To perform a G-Turn, start off in nollie position, lift your backend into a nose manual and do a 360-degree pivot turn while nose-manualing. This trick can be amplified to 540 or 720-degrees and combined with numerous other maneuvers.

Do you know of any other electric longboard dancing tricks you’d like to share? Add your trick in the comments below. We’d love to hear your ideas!