This week at LEXIT — August 17, 2018

Tier 4 of the LEXIT ICO is almost over!

Only two weeks remain for you to get LEXIT tokens (LXT) with a 25% bonus. Buying LEXIT tokens is fast and simple, as you can watch from our video below.

The LEXIT Blog Bounty Campaign is Complete

Over the last few weeks, the LEXIT ICO Bounty Campaign has received hundreds of blog entries. Our bounty team has informed us that the number of received entries has reached the limit of our blog bounty token allocation. Therefore, we will no longer accept new posts (read more in our blog).

We thank you again for participating in the LEXIT blog bounty and invite you to get more LXT tokens via our other available campaigns.

Amir's take on the latest crypto market dip

This week was a wild ride for the crypto markets. Read Amir's post where he comments on what a crypto adopter should do when the market is hitting a new low, ETH falls below 300 USD and there are top gainers with red numbers.

CryptoNinjas covers the LEXIT / Metaverse partnership

LEXIT and Metaverse have partnered to bring the outdated M&A marketplace into the modern age. In this CryptoNinjas article, you can learn how this partnership is currently working to make possible the tokenization of intellectual property.

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